The posers?

I have read over a little of these entries, i have found one thing shocking. It is the use of the word posers. What makes a poser a poser?

I have read over a little of these entries, i have found one thing shocking. It is the use of the word posers. What makes a poser a poser? And what makes one not a poser? Is it how long they have been a “goth”, or the clother or the personality? What? Thats what i want to know


  1. I believe that a poser is someone who is at first honestly interested in this culture but then just does it for attention or for fashion as has been recently. Most that i have meet have no understanding for what i speak of not anything they are just closed minded people that want us to talk to them because they are nosey , at least in my opinion they are anyway

  2. I personally don’t believe there are “poseurs”. Yes, there are people who ‘do it for fashion’ or to be noticed. But, no matter what you do, you are yourself. You can try to be something else, but that isn’t what you really are. I don ‘t know if that makes sense to any of you but that’s the way I see it.

  3. That does make sense and i agree that these people are just trying to figure out who they really are but to some degree i disagree with that concept. How do you figure out who you are, cant you just be you? I am 14 now and have been both, prppy hen i was like in the 1st to 3rd grade after fourth i figured out that i was just into this, and this was what i wanted to be like.

  4. Posers, posers, posers….. what a great topic. A lot of the time you damn kids call each other that silly name out of sheer insecurity. “Oh my goth- he is such a poser!” people who call another this name at some point in their little heads must ask themselves “I’m more gothic than him, aren’t I?”, in order to come to this final decision of calling the other participant this name. Well, do you know how stupid rediculously stupid you would look to your over concerned friends if you happened to say that out loud? HA HA HA!!! Now the fact that remains is that in asking yourself this dumb question, you might just be a little unsure and uncomfortable of yourself and your status as a “true goth”, who’s the poser now, dummie? And as far as bieng in it for the fashion, we all are weather or not we like to admit it, it’s just part of our culture, It’s nice to get all sharp, look in the mirror and say to myself “hey there you hansome degenerate freak, you’re lookin’ might fine if I might say so myself.” and then stroll out the door or alley what have you, and scare the piss out of some poor soul or maybe interest another who finds you taboo, and just might get called a poser walking down the street, especially if your young, if your old, people just love to call you a freak or tell you to grow up. some people love us, some people just dont get us.

  5. correct my spelling for me, I’m drunk, thanks and have a great day. next.

  6. correct my spelling for me as you read this if you will, thanks and have a great day! sunshine and lolipops for everyone!

  7. Drunk you were obviously, I really and sincerly hope you are not that hostile. You do have a great point though, i do love the fashion but i also have “Normal” clothing when my friends and family request me to wear it. I also do ask the question ” I am more goth than they, arent I?” but unsure and uncomfortable? Never

  8. “you r a poser!”
    meaning:couldnt find a better insult excuse me i suck…

  9. if u wanna make it rhyme more
    “you r a poser!”
    meaning:couldnt find a better insult excuse me while i suck…

  10. I think that everyone is a poseur at least once in their lifetime. I don’t see why people make such a big deal about it though. I mean, of course it’s stupid to go around pretending to be what you are not, but who is it hurting? It just makes them look stupid. Not to mention the “goths” pointing fingers and calling everyone a poseur has been through that stage once. Everyone was once a baby and had to grow up sometime. Why should it matter? At least no one hates them as much as they did before and people awe the culture and it’s fashion. Right? Besides, if we are truely and honestly a REAL goth, we wouldn’t let people who want to be like us bother us. We should just appriciate being admired for what we are. Might I add I’m in a very good mood right now. It does make me angry when people try to pretend to be something they’re not. They are the ones who make themselves look stupid though, so more power to them. I personally don’t give a fuck.

  11. This post made a lot of sense to me. I really dislike how the so called ”true punks” or goths make fun of others and call them posuers without even knowing them. ”Punk” (a made up word) is a state of mind. Forget the clothes, forgot the music, it’s really what you make of it. Sadly though the punk look has become high fashion and mass-marketed to rich teens across america basically killing it from the inside out. Good Charlotte has completley massacred the music and turning pop into mall punk. Everyone is a poseur nowdays, no matter how hardcore or underground you claim to be. It’s a trend, get over it.

    (I don’t know if this made sense to anyone but me)

  12. smart person on that last post, PUNK IS FUCKING DEAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and anyone who tries say different, well, exploited wrote the song in the early 80’s, it was even dead then, and the political aspect of it, well I prefer to call them activist rather than a punk, most of the crusties and train hoppers on the street would probably relentlessly kick your ass and tax you for calling them a punk, punk has a new meaning: yuppie- fucking jamming blink 182 in your fucking SUV and drinking starbucks is fucking punk rock now, what a shame. I dont think there isnt a poser in the world, It’s not like any of us were born into a sacred goth sect or some stupid shit like that, It’s a sub culture that has been exploited, and will be re-exploited as soon as these fucking money hungry cunts tell you it’s cool again. Look at the shit around you, Robert Smith’s now has-been ass is doing gigs for saturday night live comedy shows, he’s gotta pay the rent too. I woulnd’t call him a sell out, I mean come on, he started this gangster shit. but I am tempted to call the fucker who’s in it for the minute a poser. I prefer to call us all individuals. A lot of us are like this because we simply don’t/cant/wont conform to society’s standard’s, we felt rejected and mis understood by the mainstream for having our own mind, and we now reject within our own!?!?, kind of funny huh? It’s our nature I suppose- if it makes you feel any better, say some one called you a poser, well now you are more rejectable than they are, more fuel to feed your fodder with the rest of the world and another person to toss in the pile of people who dont understand you, they help degenerate you. they are now no better than your average jock, teacher, cop, and the rest of those who oppose you. just make sure you pick your battles with the right people. who gives a shit about any of this any way, we didnt disobey rules to follow more of them, wich one of us wrote the the fucking punk/goth bible any way? I have to CONFORM all over again to meet ANOTHER person’s standards? Fuck that, get real, we arent in this for anothers welfare to begin with anyway, so ANYBODY who has some thing to say about NE not meeting their standards can fucking eat my shit, I dont give a fuck about you.

  13. I resent the whole punk is dead post. Being a member of a Street Punk band which doesn’t play for money and will most likely never record a Cd. We don’t do it for the fashion and we really don’t give a fuck about other bands. Sure we all listened to PreFabricated stuff before we got into punk. The thing is we all got into punk from different areas and met when we all ended up in this blackhole of a town where we live. To say that punk is dead makes you ignorant to the thriving underground scenes in many a place. Just because what you see on MTV and FUSE is a bunch of people who don’t care about the world and aren’t being oppressed for being different doesn’t mean those of us who aren’t in it for the money or notoriety are dead as well. So before you run your mouth about a scene you obviously don’t know anything about. Shuddup and go visit your local scene. BTW the Exploited also did a song called ‘Punks Not Dead’. It was a response to all the stupid fucks who said it was.

  14. i m not calling anyone a poser… when i see that smone wrote that about smone thats coming threw my mind…
    and please dont even mantion that stupid band good charlotte makes me wanna puke a good example for punk band is greenday if u wanna know and dont judge the spelling who cares as long as u understand what i wrote…

  15. Ok then. Does anyone realize that you just kinda said we should accept everyone and then compleatly trashed good charlotte? I mean i know they are kind of soft core and look like posers but we all have a different veiw on what is “unposerish” and what isnt, I think…………… I dont give a rats ass if you like good charlotte or not cause im not into them or most of the punk bands for that matter, so im not trying to start a fight or anything or and argument i just wanted to put in my piece* k? and mabe i got the wrong message out of what you typed but whatever. On some level we are all posers to each other, to ourselves we are the real thing but no one else is. I think we need the posers to keep ourselves secure in our “Punkness” or “Gothness”

  16. I’ve been called a poser, sometimes I can understand why people call other people posers, for example, I know someone who claims to be a rocker and def. dresses like one, but who hangs out with all the prep girls in the school. Poser? On the other hand, most of the nonconformists of the school don’t like him because he dumped me, and I am well liked. But anyway, back to the point, I was called a poser for a while because I used to be a prep and decided kindof overnight that I was sick of pretending to be something that I really wasn’t and hanging out with people that I couldn’t stand because I was afraid of the rumors that would spread about me if I told them all to fuck off. I did some major soul-searching and gave up trying to be a prep, I became sort of a goth/rocker, scared the shit out of most of my old friends, and made new ones. There was a period there, however, when I was kindof a loner because the preps were all afraid of me and the nonconformists thought I was a poser because they didn’t know me. The whole point is (And I realize that I ramble) that posers do exist, but you shouldn’t label someone as a poser until you know them. If they try and say that they are a punk but act like a prep, obviously they are a poser. Another thing, didn’t most of us become nonconformists to escape labels? And the first thing that we do is begin labeling other people, I can understand labeling preps because, lets face it, they’re pretty much all alike, cute little clones of each other who only vary in width and intellegence, but other than them, there should be no labels and most of us defy them anyway. I know a shitload of nonconformists, but very few of them could fit under specific labels, goths, punks, rockers, DOES IT REALLY MATTER?

  17. To the little cunt fucker who wants to say I dont know shit about scenes, I’m running my mouth, you can fucking eat my dick, I was on the streets for 8 years, squatting, sleeping in vans, living on roofs and all that shit, we traveled in a van across the country to play shows for a bunch of fucking silly ass house punks who claimed to be street just like you, you dumb fuck. ” I’m a street punk with internet” get fucking serious before you run YOUR fucking smart ass know it all mouth, you have a shower use it, dont complain about shit cause you’re not oppressed, AND what the fuck is FUSE, I dont have cable, you fucking “street punk”. You dont know me, and if you had a fucking brain, you would see that I said exploited wrote a song about it, and they wrote it in the 80’s, AND IT WAS DEAD THEN AND IT”S DEAD NOW! I still have friend’s who squat my pad when crossing through, they are as gutter as you could ever wish to be, they hate the term punk, your living a fantasy, using punk as an excuse to be lazy fucks, with psuedo politics to back you up. “society’s why we are fucked up” HAHAHAHA what a fucking joke, YA FUCKIN POSER, yeah I fuckin said it. you’re worse than blink 182 lovin coffee starbucks drinkin bitch in an SUV. I bet you came straight out of white bread suburbia bitch, And if my guess is uneducated, well then you sure do have the mentality loud and fucking clear…. but that’s just my opinion you fuckin louse. and the last kid, why hate on the kid who’s tryin to get it on with some richie’s? I know he dumped you, but that doesn’t make him a poser, all that shit is is just silly teenage school politics, yeah I know…. to the other guy, yeah, we should except each other, but for what “good charlott” and “rancid” have done to “Punk rock” letin’ them yuppie kids who listen to that shit slide is going a little too far, man, they really scorched thing’s for a lot of scenes, the only good thing I can think of coming out of these bands is a lot of street kid’s are getting laid now that the style appeals to yuppie scum girls. No feelings inteded to get hurt. but some one has to say it like it is. I dont care what any body thinks about what I say or do, I love ya anyway, like a fat dog licking peanut butter off your…. well, we’ll just leave it at that kiddies, good night.

  18. Fuck no it doesn’t matter if you don’t care yourself, but some people would rather be a GOTH and live in denial that they are not conforming. I myself am a very angry, violent, passive, cold, frustrated, confused, lost, often psycotic individual, who probably appears to a goth (because I choose to dress goth/ or something close, because I like the look, and can accept people will call me goth), but I am not, because I don’t choose to be, I AM CALLED A GOTH, BUT I’M NOT A GOTH. The day anyone says to themselves “well, yeah… I guess I’m goth, right?” is someone who has CHOSEN to accept someone elses label, probably because they like it. And I’m not singling out the “Seperatist goth sects” or what ever, just stick to common termanology with (for this post) GOTH meaning the majority of people who claim to be a goth. And I don’t want someone saying, “Hey you don’t know what your talking about, I’ve been a part of a true goth scene for so long, blah blah” because how stupid would it be for me to address the majority, but structure my termanology to be understood by a minority, I’m sure the “true goth sects”are very pure and seperate from “mainstream poser goths” or what ever, but I’m not talking to, or judging you.

    And vivisect, keep talking, cuz I loved reading your opinions.

  19. ahh i dont care if goodcharlotte is a poser a punk or whateva i said that out of the bands who claims to be punk i only like greenday and what i hate about gc isnt what they r trying to be its the fact that their music makes me sick
    and V1V1S3CT i couldnt read all that so who r u calling those things?
    i get sleepy when smo writes a post that long…and u all seem to have long opinions…

  20. hmm…. you social groups are all alike…. pick a group and tread with it. that makes me laugh that a poser cannot even see what he is. i will not direct this comment to anyone… otherwise you will just bitch to me about being cool because you joined a group. however it just makes me laugh… that is all.

  21. wha??? and you registered onto this sight, talking about “us social groups”. yeah, it makes me laugh too, special guy.

  22. Wow pretty opinionated bunch arent we?? I understand where vivsect is coming from, and thicktears is right i mean dont we all just start out with the label to work on or are we really original and just be ourselves we the lable givin to us? What the hell, “Pick a group and tread with it ?” call me stupid if you like but i dont understand where the hell your coming from. I hang out with “preps” and if we dont like to be labeled, why should we lablel them? If you dont know them then dont label them some of my friends are “Preps” basicaly like me but with different clothes. And yah we do like to put in long posts dont we?? ^.^

  23. I don’t know about you guy’s, but, in all honesty, we do have labels, and they are for a reason. some people tend to sway one way more than another, labels in some situations help define different movements that we contrbute to, some dont like them, some dont mind them, and others are all about them. nothing wrong with some diversity and contrast, it keeps thing alive, gives birth to new genres and all that good shit. It’s a necessity for our own good whether we like it or not, I love a good long post, that’s what these forums are for, talking to others who would otherwise be out of reach, could’nt do without it. We define the future of new and exhilerating styles, way’s of thinking, cause the world changes around us, so do our reactions, we’d be stupid to limit ourselves in sticking to one way, although I’m all about one love. So, I’m gonna toss a label on myself, let’s call it industrial for arguments sake. When I first got into a so called alternative life stlye, I lived on the streets and was all about punk rock. yeah, ” I was sooooo hardcore” no, I was just shooting dope, crying about society, but after going to DOC (department of corrections- prison) for a couple of years, I found out what mass controll really was, and all the so called punk scenes couldnt make a dent in what the government is doing, dont get me wrong, they have the right idea, but no avail, so after I got out and got a job, I could afford electronic instruments, I totalyjumped into it, skinny puppy and HIV+ were a huge Influence, they melded punk ethics, with industrial music and a goth style, surpassing all the bounderies of lables, I love the music, it’s all I have left after my girlfriend dying from herion and putting myself through the grind of drugs but not wanting to change my etho’s and Ideals, tell me something about you guy’s Im interested, no matter who or what you do.

  24. So nice to hear you in a less hostile fashion, dont get me wrong hostility is great but not in a intellegent convo. How long did you do herion? I am sorry that your girlfriend died, and that you find solace in music is in relation to all of us.

  25. For me, if someone calls another a poser, or poseur I do not know which one-too confuse at the moment to care, it is only becuase they feel like they are not “goth” enough. But if they put other who is trying to be “goth”, they will have none to compete with them. Everyone has that urge, well i hope, to be different – to be one of a kind. but we are the ones who have acted on it, whether just by un”popular” fashion or all out goth. It is when the people who do go goth, just to be the one who everyone looks at and the one who everyone knows your name is when is poser-ish.

  26. Do you ever wonder why we question our unusualness* *(sorry dislexic) and cant just be ourselves? Not to be tottaly obvious.

  27. I am sorry “the one who crys, the one who pains” we never did really answer your questions.

  28. Nelokrista 13- I started shooting dope at 12 or 13, for about 8 years, I put myself through it and blame no one for it despite childhood, we make our own decisions. I learned a lot from it though. I’ve seen a hell of a lot more than I wish to remember, but dont regret any of it, It made me what I am, I suppose I’m lucky I’m alive and have my wits about me, I should have been dead after something like 40 or 50 overdoses, God my credit is fucked from the hospital bill’s. But I’m glad I’m alive. (sometimes I dont feel this way though) Angeloque convinced me to turn myself in to the courts, I was on probation for robboing some honduran dope dealer with a gun. I am by no means any kind of a tuff guy or gun slinger, and probably should never have had one- I didnt know what the fuck I was doing, but I needed drugs and spare changing on the mall doesn’t support a $300 a day habit. While laying down two yaers, she relapsed on heroin and eventually over dosed, I was pissed at myself for being stuck behind bars, and not helping her, every time she came to see me, she was worse and worse and I couldn’t do anything for her, I just had to watch and wait for the news. But enough about my sob storie, a lot of people don’t have empathy for those who make stupid decisions, and it’s in the past, I try to keep my head above water, and bear with loss, making music is my savior. And yeah, I can be hostile at times, It really does leave a lot left to be desired when talking to someone, I just cant stand people who dont know shit about me and misinterperate what I say, and go on to give me a speal of shit. It pisses me of, your’e right, it is not a very intellegent convo- kind of put me in check.

  29. Dont get angry at people when they say stuff and dont know shit about you, just tell them, ive had to work long and hard for this mentality and have more people that respect me for it, because i didnt get up in their face i just explained it to them. We are only human and we make stupid decisions. I do drugs, not herion so i dont have personal experiance from that, but my friend used to and now hes dead, he only did it for about two years though, so i dont know if you have a better tolerance or not. I can relate to the feeling of helplessness while watching you friend/loved one dies. Thank you for answering and deciding to give me info i think i can understand better where you come from.

  30. vivisect, I love you. I’m gonna hump your leg sooo hard!
    ….just as soon as this rash clears up.

    Poser and poseur is the same shit. Like color and colour, only colour spelled out looks soooooo much more intellectual.
    Punk….puh. They seem more like angry hippies to me. Angry hippies with bad hair-cuts.
    So what defines a poser? Well, as you’ve read in these posts, it’s greatly a matter of opinion. But when you see some (insert label here) kids walking down the street and you hear one of them blurt something like “Dude, that’s SO not (insert label here)”, I would think that qualifies.

  31. Yessss!!!!!!! ANGRY HIPPIES! I LOVE YOU! IT”S THE TRUTH! HAHA! I got beat up at a show for calling some kid a hippie in punk clothes. He called me a faggy goth, so I asked him if he wanted to fuck. next thing I know two skinheads are jumping me and the lame fuck is kicking me while I’m down, I should have made sure I could back my shit up before I opened my mouth. But it takes getting an ass woopin’ to give one I suppose, cause he got the piss beat out of him when I caught him alone.
    I kind of felt bad after, like I wanted to apologize, but then had a moment of clarity and kicked him while he was down in return for the jumping, fucker. aww gawd. this forum is kind of fun. I love how side tracked everybody get’s in these thing’s. everybody’s little egos get all pumped up, cause really who’s stopping us? then everybody’s shit collides. It’s funny I guess. I dont know what the fuck I’m doing writing in these things, but some times you see some good poetry, it’s fun fucking around in here I suppose, this shit can really turn you into an intrvert.

  32. I suppose to clear this up for whoever started this thread, I’m not sure how you define what a poser is, but I just call em’ as I see em’, but dont do it until neccisary*?. No sweat. people who dont know others that say that shit, I guess just tell them to fuck off. what can you do? It’s silly shit anyway you look at it, just have fun, take personal inventory on people you dont like and people you do, sort them out as you meat them, and treat them accordingly, sounds horrible, but really, do you have time for all this shit anyway? hope that clears that up for the one who cry’s.

  33. hey i just want to say that i am what i am, i listen to heavy metal, hard rock, and punk music…what does that make me? there is no such thing as a “poser” because we all live our lives the way we want to live it, though it may be influenced by the latest trends or by what the group you choose for today is doing…we all make the choice to dress in all black clothing or bright colors; listen to heavy metal or pop; or, say, smash the fuck out of the guy who fucked your girlfriend’s face or talk to him like a civilized human being. we are what we choose to be, and posers do not exist, and people who think that they do should actually look at themselves in a mirror and realize that they are just like everyone else that considers themselves “goth” or ”punk” or whatever they categorize themselves as being. its really starting to piss me the fuck off and people are gonna die by my hand if this continues for much longer. i am a human being, label me as i know you will, but if i ever catch u fucking putting me down for it you watch your fucking backs because ill put my fucking foot so far up your ass youll be wondering whether i kicked you or rammed a 10 foot pole up in there.

    this is darkened eyes, saying fuck this poser talk.

  34. Yay finaly! Because if you take away the clothes and misscellanious items then all you have is yourself.

  35. Darkened Eyes, that’s a bunch of horse shit. People really have lost sense of themselves and go with what society says is fashionable (clothes, music, etc.), even if it seems like an “underground society”. You can’t deny that. There are enough of these little skater/”punk” bands, (and thier FANS) to prove it.
    Say what you want about me. I’m not, nor do I LOOK “goth’ or “punk”. I look pretty fucking normal.

    ” its really starting to piss me the fuck off and people are gonna die by my hand if this continues for much longer.”

    That tickles me in a way I haven’t been tickled in a long time. Really, what does this do to your hardcore credibility?

  36. as to your first comment, i did say what we wear or listen to is influenced by the people around us…but it is not like they force us to wear the clothes, listen to the crappy music…it is US who makes that choice.

    as to that quote, i spoke rashly, and i was in a bad mood at the time. what do you think it does to my credibility?

    by the way, i nvr said i was hardcore anything… so what do you mean by that?

  37. “but it is not like they force us to wear the clothes, listen to the crappy music…it is US who makes that choice.”

    Oh I agree with you 100%. “WE” also make the choice to be posers or not, though “we” may not know it.

    “as to that quote, i spoke rashly, and i was in a bad mood at the time. what do you think it does to my credibility?”
    I don’t know what do YOU think it does to your credibility? ::weeeeiiiiirrrrrddd::

    “by the way, i nvr said i was hardcore anything… so what do you mean by that?”
    I know you nvr said you was hardcore anything, but I’ve got this disease called smartassinitis. It’s kinda like tourettes only no one feels bad for me.

    Lighten up. All that tension will make you wrinkle faster.

  38. hm.. labels labels labels.. well im gonna pick my words carefully cause it’s like v1v1 said “everyone’s shit collides” well… alot of people say they hate labels.. but sometimes.. i myself get a little bit of pride out of being called “scarey” or “fucking nuts” and i know many people hwo are called ‘goth’ accept it and join the scene or what ever.. i dont get alot of it but i think on some level we like labels. even if we kick your ass for using it.
    now v1v1 punk isnt dead, but that little bastard who kicked you while you were down wasnt a punk. more like that kid who whined when he didnt get icecream in elementary skool. then wanted to look tough and started acting like he was that. he is a poser. punk has lost some of its clarity though.. alot of people who claim to be punks dont even know what punk is anymore. and to find the real punks you gotta be careful. meh im rambling.. 4 am again


  40. -.o; who’s trendy? i dont have a ‘fashion’ or anything if youre implying im one of those people with bad hair cuts you’ve talked about.. im sorry but you’re mistaken. Punk dead? Tell that to a local girl i happen to know.. please.. i dare you.. im already laughing just thinking about it… oh man.. you’d need an entire olympic tug o’ war team to get her foot out of your ass. My grand father probably has enough punk to him for an entire city.. who knew? crazy old bastard. god bless him.


    the boards are dead again and I’m fucking bored. I’ve run out of orifices to stick my fingers in and…

    Wait! Not this one!

    SNIFF oooh … … … stinky.

  42. Try seeing how big you can stretch the orifice, that’s always great fun.

  43. I don’t even know where to start. Anyway, I may be called a big time poser because I just got into this scene. I live in a small town and I’m a minority here. first of all i’m a black dude but even before i know nothing about goth i was attracted to the scene. Not because it looks cool or anything cuz im mixed but its not obvious and i accept myself being black. Okay, in this town of 80,000 ppl theres like 10 blacks but ppl are cool here i haven’t had racist encounters so thats great. But the bars and stuff are really not for me and i just figured that out. I met one goth/punk kid and he was my best friend till he moved out of town and i haven’t gotten out of the culture since. I just really connected with him and his friends and it was great. What sucks is that I don’t know anybody else around here because he wasn’t from here either. Now that i’m expressing myself by the way i dress i am getting looked at by other goths but they have not been mean. I’m so shy though. So, i went to the mall and there were three goths there and they opened the door for me but i was so stunned i couldn’t even say thanks. I could kill myself. I just wanna get the guts to go talk to them because i think they will listen. All the other kids that i don’t fit in with…i just wanna get over that. There’s so many things i wanna get into but i hope someone reads this and give me some advice. Should i totally express myself because that’s how i feel? or should i live in fear that ppl will make fun of me? I think that’s the whole point of not conforming. I just wanna hear it from someone that i should follow my instincts. I’m reading a lot about this stuff so they may call me a net goth too but if i have no one to talk to then where else can i get the info? Writing here is like the best thing ever cuz im hoping that someone will answer my questions. I don’t wanna get all depressed or bring anyone down but i think someone is here who willl understand me. Thanks.

  44. I don’t even want to write this here but i think i may be bisexual too and nobody at all knows. So, it kinda sucks and if i tell my parents ill be fucked for life they won’t pay my schooling or anything. GOD, this is a whole mess! I am freaking out literally. I’m just gonna go read. Tomorrow I’m going to the library, where i hang out most cuz i can’t talk to ppl. I get nervous and I feel like they just think im an idiot becuase i have different interests. I just posted a second message cuz I misspelt above. I don’t want to seem illiterate. Oh well. You guys will understand. Plus, i was walking across the street and this guy all decked out in black was kinda cute and he was clapping as i walked passed him. I was wearing my dark colors and a black wrist band. Could that mean he was checking me out or im just imagining things? I just wanna figure out who i really am. And i think i have a crush on that dude and i’m this lonely african kid with crushes on white guys. OH god! help me.

  45. I say fuck it, do whatever the fuck you wanna do. who cares if your black and bisexual and goth. It does definetly mean you are going to stick out like a sore thumb aside from the other kids, but so what, they don’t pay your bills, they don’t know you, and they probably could not identify with you, cause one you are different, and then black on top of it, and the cherry is being bi… so if they have something to say, fuck them. In the ass. Yeah, hide it from the parents untill they are done paying for your school, or tell them to fuck off until they except you, and live off student loans and grants. You need to move to a bigger city, where you are a common thing and more easily excepted. Hopefully people will take to you where you live- cause people are generaly good, they just hide it when in groups….good luck….email me if you want to talk.

  46. I don’t even knew where to start. Anyway, I may be called a big time poser because I just got into this scene. I live in a small town and I’m a minority here. first of all i’m a black dude but even before i knew nothing about goth i was attracted to the scene. Not because it looks cool or anything cuz im mixed but its not obvious and i accept myself being black. Okay, in this town of 80,000 ppl theres like 10 blacks but ppl are cool here i haven’t had racist encounters so thats great. But the bars and stuff are really not for me and i just figured that out. I met one goth/punk kid and he was my best friend till he moved out of town and i haven’t gotten out of the culture since. I just really connected with him and his friends and it was great. What sucks is that I don’t know anybody else around here because he wasn’t from here either. Now that i’m expressing myself by the way i dress i am getting looked at by other goths but they have not been mean. I’m so shy though. So, i went to the mall and there were three goths there and they opened the door for me but i was so stunned i couldn’t even say thanks. I could kill myself. I just wanna get the guts to go talk to them because i think they will listen. All the other kids that i don’t fit in with…i just wanna get over that. There’s so many things i wanna get into but i hope someone reads this and give me some advice. Should i totally express myself because that’s how i feel? or should i live in fear that ppl will make fun of me? I think that’s the whole point of not conforming. I just wanna hear it from someone that i should follow my instincts. I’m reading a lot about this stuff so they may call me a net goth too but if i have no one to talk to then where else can i get the info? Writing here is like the best thing ever cuz im hoping that someone will answer my questions. I don’t wanna get all depressed or bring anyone down but i think someone is here who willl understand me. Thanks.

  47. ok, so, first. Cool whatever. Dotti…I mean…ditto(dyslexic and too drunk to care)…dIttO on everything Vivi just said. And emphasis on moving to a bigger city. It’s bad enough you have trouble talking to people. You need to live somewhere where people aint afraid of starting a conversation with YOU. Socializing isn’t for everyone but it seems like you could use someone to talk to. Or maybe I’m just too goddamn drunk to get it.
    (sllluurrrr when you read this and you’d know what I sound like right about now.)
    Knight don’t freak out. How old are you? It hits me that *if* you’re in college you’re “blooming” kinda late. And BETTER LATE THAN NEVER.
    SECOND, despite how many hours I spend with my knees up to my shoulders none of my orifices will stretch more than an inch and a half in diameter. Maybe I should do a yoga class…maybe that’s a bad idea cause I’d spend the whole time staring at camel toes.
    Vivi’s my squishy.

  48. thanks MasochisticSweetness. You know whats wierd? You were born on the same day as me except im a year older if thats your real birthdate (august 20th). Yeah I am a late bloomer. I grew up all over the planet so i never really got to have a really close friend cuz i moved all over the place. I’ve been in this city for three years though and i am 19. So things are really happening late but i guess it’s time to grow up and accept myself for who i am. Thats one of the reasons things kinda took so long. I will be in a big city soon. I’m moving. Another thing, people do talk to me here but we never go beyond a certain point. I guess its just cuz i never really open up to anyone about how i really feel and stuff . I still think i can connect with somone here cuz i get good vibes from a lot of them. But i don’t wanna make an ass of myself assuming people are something then end up figuring out they’re not who i think they are – especially guys. I think i just gotta over myself and give everything a shot before leaving. If i embarass myself, im leaving anyways so it doesn’t matter. I still will think it through first though. I always hang out in weird places too where a lot of people aren’t around. I read under trees in shades and when people walk by maybe they think i dont want to be disturbed and if i go to the library im in some corner reading, always reading… i don’t know if i have to make myself more available or something. You’ve been great help though. Both you and V1V1S3CT!

  49. Neat0! I don’t know exactly HOW much your being exactly one year older then myself amuses me, but I know it does cause now I’m just thinking about a naked double birthday party. Thank Vivi first. I just Here-Here’d everything he said.
    Sounds like you’re pretty much set in knowing what you wanna do so all that’s left is DOING it.

    …huhuhuhuh I said “DOING it”. huhuhuhuhuhuhuhuh…

    Making yourself a little more approachable would certainly do things for you. And maybe your …(did you say friendships?…oh no…just people, ok) conversations don’t go past a certain point cause the people you’re talking to don’t want to cross a line they might regret crossing. If it’s not in your nature to be so open, get to know THEM better. How’s that sound?
    Trying to give sober advice is a little more difficult than doing it shit-faced so I’ll shut-up now. Of course you don’t have to listen to a damn thing I say. I’m a bad taker of advice so i’m being hypocritical anyway.

  50. hey, sober or not you give good advice. A naked party sounds pretty damn good to me and ‘doing it’ fits right in. K, i better control myself. But yeah, i just hate asking personal questions too so that is another problem. But im gonna try it, atleast once. Thats how you learn right? Take risks. And i got this new state of mind that whatever i do, if its bad enough that i will die from doing it. then whatever. i should just live my life so that when i do die, ill be happy i lived. Sounds weird huh? One more thing. Why do you think they might regret or THINK they will regret going past a certain point? Like offending me in other words you mean? I’m dumb sometimes so just clear that up a bit. Advice is good if you can make sense out of it. Just don’t take bad ones and you’ll be alright. Atleast, thats what i think. And yeah! I did thank Vivi – he’s cool.

  51. Yeah I meant maybe people don’t want to offend you, or bring up shit that makes you uncomfy, or walk down a road that’ll make you snap or some shit. Maybe you’re not the type of person to do so but hey, I don’t know you and neither do they. Get me? Poo…all these one dollar bills and no one to buy me a fucking 40. Where are all the fucking wyno buddies when you need ’em???

    P.S. Don’t get any ideas about Vivi. He’s MY squishy. And speaking OF where the fuck IS he??? I’m going to the lost and found…

  52. I wont do anything to YOUR squishy. He’s around somewheres. You just gotta keep looking. He’s right there. I’m not too sane right now.

  53. I’m right here as usual, it’s not my birthday, but your birthdays are a good excuse as any to jump in the birthday suits for me———Email me M.S.(ya happy now? I abbreviated yo name cuz) Man, I really got to say this, Knight, just say what you want to people if you are comfortable saying it, reguardless of how outlandish you look to others, you didn’t know them in the first place, so your’e not losing out on anything, but gaining, cause you put your piece out there…….. It doesn’t matter what people think at all, especially in this new life style you are persuing….EVERYBODY WILL BE AGAINST YOU!!!! (not all, but the majority)… and if they piss you off, than piss them off, but don’t go thinking that being humble and keeping your mouth closed will get you fed. and always have a good comeback….

  54. Thank you squishy.

    Abbreviations give way to many possible substitutions.

    Meat Stick. Multiple Sclerosis. Magister Scientiae. Magic Sword. Maylandia Sandaracinos. Master Stroke. Mammary Soup. Mega Siemens…


    …I made myself laugh.

  55. I still don’t think the abbreviation is among what you’ve suggested but I could be wrong. Well, they made me laugh too. Thats some great advice again Vivi. I think I’m ready to take on anything right now. But I wanna let things fall into place. So, I’m just gonna see what happens. Hmmm…….anyone of us in our birthdays suits? That’s quite an invitation! I’m sure M.S. won’t be passing on that one. (haha).

  56. I’m a new person on this site but this one caught my attention. I may listen to all sorts of music, music is just an expression of things I dance to whatever. Does this make me a poser? I don’t pretend to be something else and most of the time get hassle from towny scum ( this means townies *preps* who are horrible to people who are different to them so they make their lives a living nightmare).
    I am not saying that all townies are bad because you meet quite a few lovely ones. But I have never met a nasty goth, punk, heavy metal person in my life.
    Anyway I am what I am I wear what I like and listen to what I like, and no-one can stop me from doing this

  57. The best feeling in the world is when you feel comfortable being who you are. I’m not quite there yet but its getting better everyday. I totally agree with the both of you. Just be what you are now. And one more thing. I have never really met uncool goths either. I’ve only briefly spoken to some of them and it went alright. I’m so sorry it seems like im labelling ppl but you all know what i mean.

  58. It seems the only way to not be a poser, is to talk about how much everyone else is a poser. Or did I get it backwards? 😉

    Everyone is different, some will be real, some wont. Whatever.

    By the way I’m a new person. I’m not a poser cause I don’t pretend to be something that I’m not. That doesn’t mean I’m going to be the same as you.

  59. I would just like to say that all of you seem really nice on here, it’s nice to talk to ppl who are similar to me but not totally alike. If you get what I mean.

  60. Listen to Viv, he knows his shit. Viv, I wouldn’t doubt you give a lot of people the courage to live as who they are. I wish I knew someone like you when I was an angsty teen so I could’ve learned to shut the fuck up and kick some ass. Of course, when I was an angsty teen, I was too stupid to listen. So….yeah…guess I’m screwed either way. heh…screwed. Screwed like fucked. heh, fucked. That’s funny.

  61. Better late than never facelessfuck. And i agree with deadlydarkrose. i wish i knew you people in real life. It’s awesome coming here then getting motivated but im still not totally satisfied with where i am in my life. I know i never will be, but its gotta get better. There must be more to life than what i know at the moment. Patience has a lot to do with it, so im gonna try not to panic too much.
    I went to the park yesterday and i wrote this:
    Ok. I’m at Riverside Park sitting. There’s mostly kids around, well…and some parents too. I really don’t know what I am doing here. There’s a lot of Jehova Witnesses around too. I had to get off my bike to give way to people to walk around. It’s just overly crowded. People probably think I’m a journalist. I keep looking around then I put my head back down, writing away like an idiot. Nobody should really care what I am doing but I can feel some eyes drilling into my back, all over me actually. Should I sit here or, should I walk around and go meet some people? Literature is weird. Some are interesting, funny, scary, lots of different kinds. But I think scary ones are cool to write. Nobody really gives a fuck about anything around here. I keep thinking I should just get up and go. But there is something here. I just have to find it. I hate searching. Why do we search? Things should just come to us. Four fat women are walking by. They look like Christians. Maybe they aren’t. But there’s a huge group of Jehova Witnesses. It’s 1:43 p.m. There is something about the number 3. Mythology. That’s a whole other topic. Something I won’t discuss. It’s Clandestine. That’s what I call it. I think I heard someone yell. But why would they? If someone wants to talk to me they should approach me. Don’t just stand there and stare. It must be that I look intimidating. Oh! Maybe its the colours. Colours should not have that effect on people. Yeah, let them walk by like a tribe headed nowhere. Blinded by reality. Blinded by who they are. Now I have to get on to french. That’s the reason I came. I can educate myself while time simply passes by.


  62. Ok, I was reading for a while and now I feel a little but motivated. Enough to leave the Park, or to go to some other area. Whatever I was searching for doesn’t seem to be here.

    At the end of my little adventure to the park, a lady came up to me by the bench I was sittting on and apologized. She said if it was too noisy for me while I was reading she is sorry. She was with her kids. Two of them. I told her it was totally cool. I was not disturbed at all. Then she asked me what I was reading and I told her French Literature. She wished me good luck in my studies and told me to have a good day. I was happy one person talked to me today.

  63. knight, you should check out some of the french existenchialist writers, you would like it a lot……..Faceless fuck, i’m still stoooopid, -all the time. I guess i have adult angst, if there is such a thing….. I guess its just overly developed adolecents, wierd shit.

  64. HOLY SHIT! You’re younger than me! You are way wise beyond your years. I thought you were close to middle age. You just keep amazing me.

  65. Vivi you are starting to amaze me too! Are you into French Literature too? did that make sense what i wrote? about the park and stuff.

  66. Yeah, I understood what you were saying about the park and all…. French literature is good as literature, but i’m not too sure about the french…just kidding.
    you should check out some Gore Vidal too, his shit is pretty desent. God I know I’m only 22 but I feel like an old fuck sometimes. It fuckin sucks….truly.

  67. Oh my!!! i am too lazy to read all of these so please, someone update me, i like the new person, knight. sorry i dont think i have posted in a while so if i act like i am too familiar with you all let me know i would like to talk to you knight i can give suprisingly good advice i am told(yeah i know how pompus that sounds) but i lack human company so right now i am desperate for anyone to talk to me (and that sounds pathetic but at least i can be honest) konichiwa!!! ^.^ dislexic japs make me happy dislexic germans make me happier weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! wah ha ha ha ha drugs are bad mmmkkkkaaaayyyy??? -.^

  68. mmmmkay…pompus shmompus….hockus poke her, i mean pokus…………..

  69. sorry i haven’t posted for a long time either. i was out of town and didn’t have access to the internet for 5 days! yeah that’s a lot for me considering this is mostly how i communicate and interact with others. So Vivi its all good. I am desperate too. It’s fun on here. Atleast i get to talk to you, i get advice and shit. It does help. don’t feel all old either. You are just another intelligentsia ( i dont know what the fuck im saying). I’m dislexic myself. Cyber orgy could be fun (oops wrong post). Ah whatever, im a nympho waiting to go wild.

  70. sorry i haven’t posted for a long time either. i was out of town and didn’t have access to the internet for 5 days! yeah that’s a lot for me considering this is mostly how i communicate and interact with others. So Vivi its all good. I am desperate too. It’s fun on here. Atleast i get to talk to you, i get advice and shit. It does help. don’t feel all old either. You are just another intelligentsia ( i dont know what the fuck im saying). I’m dislexic myself. Cyber orgy could be fun (oops wrong post). Ah whatever, im a nympho waiting to go wild.

  71. wow i just read all of thes, vivi, you really are wise beyond your years, with a great sense of humor. I like you knight your insightfull. sorry i just jumped in again but i like to post. sorry for the other post too i was just out of it

  72. Nelo, you made me smile. Where have u been? Trust me, i really like you too. And not to mention Vivi – you got me reading so many things now its amazing. It’s like everything that i’ve been pondering is now justified. But, i still think there is lots to know yet. I love you guys!! It’s no biggy Nelo, I posted the samething twice too. Sometimes its just hard to manipulate this computer. I think it’s doing one thing when its actually the other. Just another unsolved mystery of things beyond my limited comprehension.

  73. For someone with limited comprehension, you sure do talk like you know what your doing. ^.^ Holy enitity!!! i was on here till like two in the morning i cant belieive that i missed everybody. Yay its my birthday tomorrow then i can leagally do all the things i have been since i was about 12.

  74. Oh shit another person to add to the birthday suit party! yaay! birthday suit party currently happening in time again (my thread.) come on so we may give you a good birthday lashing sadist stlye.

  75. you too knight, get yo butt naked ass on over there, besides were all posting on some incospicuous thread of anothers, kind of rude. let us have social events in my domain where we do not have too deal with the atrocities of big mouths. yay!

  76. I joined that party over at time again. I think I may have arrived too early. gives me time to get all rigged up for what should be quite the experience. Nelo, you are legal you said? Ah great! No need for us to get preoccupied about the consequences. Vivi, im not that tough (just incase u were wondering). Be lenient with me in other words.

  77. it’s gravy… you have a good mentality, I cant imagine a cause for provocation of my horrible tactless mouth to run at you… nelo….we can share, and if you dont like it then please feel free to tell me to quit being a perve, it’s my nature….. but I might be reluctant. so sorry.(not really, but kinda.)

  78. No really its ok, i dont get this kind of attention ususally unless i am getting beat up and that doesnt happen often anymore. Little fuckers learned not to mess with me anymore. So now i dont have anyone to play with, dammit!!!! Knight, as of today i am leagal so yay, now i get to get my dom. and sub. membership card.

  79. I’m happy for you. Make good use of it. Speaking of getting beat up, I went out lastnight and that just about happened to me. Luckily there’s good people everywhere (that’s what I think atleast) and this guy kinda explained and told me that’s how it is. Some people go out, get drunk and kick other people’s asses if they don’t like them. I’m doing better already. I met some ravers/spinners/fire spinners yesterday – it was great! And i can finally phone them to hang out (that’s if everything goes well in a sober state).

  80. Posers is just another fucking label!! I personally hate labels. If you label your-self you are just trying to prove something.Posers arent anything they are people like you and me just givin a label. If they want to pretend to be something they are not let them it is their life and it doesnt affect you in any way!!! I think people blow alot of things out of paportion! Live your life and dont try to live someone elses!!

  81. V1V1S3CT—-Shut the fuck up man!! I dont think people give a shit if punk is dead or not!! Hell every fucking thing in this messed up world will die sooner then later and you to my friend! So let it be dammit people habve their god damn views and you do have to be a god damn pansy critic to them!! Only fucking lil wigger ass bitches wont drop shit like that!! You wanna know why people are saying punk isnt dead? Cause lil boys like you bring it up constantly! Damn get a fucking clue all of you dammit.Punk,Prep,Goth,Freaks,Posers? yeah they all are fucking queer ass lables!! Including u V1V1S3CT you are a lable. If any one wants to fucking comment on this go ahead and it wont reach me this is the last fucking time i am fooling with this shit ohh and V1V1S3CT nah you can eat my pussy i bet it tastes better than your dick!!!

  82. Here is why suicides is a moron.

    What the fuck is a “habve”? Anyone? Well we can only assume this illiterate fuck meant “have” when he/she was calling vivi a “god damn pansy” for being a critic of other peoples views.

    Uh-oh, here comes the clue train, last stop is suicides-mystery!

    You were just a critic of someone elses view. So going by suicides wonderfully enlightening post we will now refer to him/her as, “god damn pansy.”

    Oh wait! Goddamnpansy has a last name. Immediately after proving to all of us what an utter failure he/she is at forming a rational thought or a solid rebuttal, GDP goes on to say, “Only fucking lil wigger ass bitches won’t drop shit like that!!”

    Okay, Goddamnpansy Lilwiggerassbitch, are you starting to see why you should stay in school?

    Thank goodness we all had this powerful mind come in and clue us in to the folly of our ways. Even better, Goddamnpansy Lilqueerassbitch actually thought his/her post was going to impress us all with it’s amazing ability to rise above the bullshit. Note the extreme cowardice of telling us to comment away because, he/she is never going to read it. The equivalent of a young child standing with his thumbs in his ear and screaming nanny-nanny boo-boo.

    The best part is that Goddamnpansy Lilqueerassbitch will come back to this site. He/she will read this comment. Why? Because our little friend actually thinks that we were profoundly moved by the amazing post he/she left. Oh well, that’s why we all shouldn’t sniff paint on the weekends. It can destroy alot of brain cells really fast.

    And, just so Goddamnpansy Lilqueerassbitch knows,

    Fuck off.

  83. Did I say something to you? “I don’t think people give a shit if punk is dead or not”. apparently you’re pretty butt hurt about it, you little ignorant fuck. I wrote that shit a while ago, you dont know me dumbass, expect a surprise soon enough.(that’s not an idle threat either, take me serious, I now have your IP address) “if anyone wants to comment on this, go ahead and it wont reach me this is the last fucking time i am fooling with this shit.” Nobody has even acknowledged you on any of your comments, so you open your big stupid fucking mouth, and run like a bitch, yeah, real fucking punk rock, this is exactly what the fuck i’m talking about, a bunch of fucking twits who have no brain, in it for style, don’t even have any thing intelligent to argue. just a big fucking mouth. and a set of legs to run with. I have your IP addresse bitch, try to make a lame attempt at insulting me. I hope you stay the fuck out and don’t write again. You don’t really have anything to say. But thanks for giving me a whole label to myself. I wonder how many would follow.

  84. GREAT. Just fucking peachy. NOW everyone’s gonna go around calling themselves a “Vivisect”.

    What a fucking cow.

    “Interests : cutting, goth, art, music”


    “Damn get a fucking clue all of you dammit.Punk,Prep,Goth,Freaks,Posers?yeah they all are fucking queer ass labels”

    I resent you using the word “queer” cause you’re a fucking idiot. I don’t need a better reason than that. What, did you run out of cutting space? I bet there’s room on your tongue and one of us would be more than happy to get the places you can’t reach. No chicken scratches, we’ll do the job right. Get a fucking hobby and rant like a little cocksucker on some other site that will consider you an intellectual genius….Something like “” should be up to your IQ. Then you and the rest of your buddies and swap stories on how to scratch yerselves with weasel teeth without becoming a stinky rabid aminal!
    You little cunt. Next time you feel like wasting everyone’s time make it worthwhile and make sure you put out a link to an mpeg of you hanging yourself. That would put a smile on everyone’s face. Everyone had dropped the poser crap, I guess that makes you the “fucking lil wigger ass bitch”.

    By the way, I’m sorry any of my above comments had to be at the expense of the good ol’ Hillbilly. They are in fact a good people. Really, if it wasn’t for them squished critters would have elgulfed the countries roads long ago.

  85. posers. what are posers? i don’t know what the hell they are. but i do know about labels. people put labels upon other people that they don’t understand. labels are just idiotic. i resent every label but one. the one that is true.

  86. There is nothing wrong with labels, they help define different subcultures. Honestly, even this forum is labeling everybody who writes in it, “Gothic forum” is what this is considered to be apparently, cause that’s one of the options you have as far as loging in to this site. You are attracted to “gothic culture”, hence you loged on this site. You people act like we’re talking about racism here. It’s ridiculouse. Yeah, Punks, hackers, and other various types log in as well, but it is because they relate in one way or another, and i’m sure they are more interested in their own subculture and contribute to it more than this one. This is fashion. the majority of you people are going to grow up and get a house with a fuckin fence and call what you went through a phase despite what your teen-angst beligerently says now, and you will probably realize how ridiculouse it sounded when you said it. I think i’m fucked and doomed to a life of adolecents with an upperhand personally, but who knows, it could change, I won’t knock it untill I’ve done it myself though. If there is nothing to define the differences between us all, then we are all the same. Same as the fuckin cops, teachers, and various idiots in the world. I sure as fuck do not want to be associated with some fuckin nu metal-rap losers that are fred durst robots, so- I’m gonna label myself and make sure that I am deemed a whole world of difference from them. Don’t be dumb. A lot of us don’t want to be associated with the things we hate, so we dissasociate from it by any means. That’s pretty much what this culture is about- setting ourselves aside from a world of ignorants, cattle and the lot beyond all the dumb shit. Fuck the dumb shit. He’s a punk. She’s a goth. He’s industrial. that guy is a metal head. We have different views for a reason, so we identify each other accordingly.

  87. My spermdoner is a Hillbilly, he made some great possum before he blew his brains out. HAHAHAHA

  88. It’s funny that you can’t even come back with an arguable debate. Rather so, you try futily to give a low blow due to your lack of inteligence, fucking dimwit. Lucky for you I agree it was a good thing as well that he blew his head off, or I would probably have done it for him. I need your responce like i need a hole in the head.
    Eat my fuck and die.

  89. you know what you fucking bitch. if you don’t like the fact that i tell the truth about things then go to fucking heaven. because in hell, only the demons survive.

  90. p.s. you do need to blow your brains out too. “Eat my fuck and die” ? that dont make fucking sense. you need to get your head out of your fucking ass you dumb fuck. if your gonna say shit like that, say it to an illiterate little bitch.

  91. Wow, that was weak.

    Also, there’s no need to put a “post script” in an online message, you dumb fuck. P.S. was used when people, who had just finished writing an entire letter in something like ink, wanted to add something without having to rewrite the entire letter. Maybe if you weren’t such an illiterate little bitch, you’d have known that.

    You might want to work on your communication skills. You’re comeback was a little lacking in the intelligence department. Do us all a favor, and shutup.

  92. You are an illiterate little bitch, dumbass. “that dont make no sense”, did you grow up on little house on the prairie or some shit? Put an apostrophie between the n and the t before you go on declairing yourself so fucking litterate dip shit, don’t get all fuckin’ hurt because people have different opinions than yours fuckhead. WAAA WAA WAAA! HE DOESN’T THINK LIKE ME! I could only begin to start saying how stupid the world would be if it was full of fucks like you, but I bite my tongue, cause it is. “Im in hell, only demons survive” HAHAHAHA, you are one cute and corney dramatic little fucker aren’t you? Your’e such a little cutie pie……fuckin stupid cunt. That shit is truly hilariouse to no extent, I wish I could hear it out of your mouth and see your hurt little face when you said it. I bet you really thought that you were all high and might and making some sort of big impact. Is that all you could muster up. C’mon, give it another shot cuttiekins, silly biily. What the fuck do you know about surviving in hell? You have no idea what the fuck hell is, and I’m not going to fill you in either. Well, maybe with a dick in your ass. I bet people steal your lunch money, really, “fire blood death dragons demons lesbians”?. You get picked on I’m sure. F U C K O F F. I’ll leave you alone now, until you come back for more, you seem like a glutton for punishment.

  93. nicely done vivi i wont ever piss you off and if i do remind me that i am not above begging for forgivness.

  94. Hi there beuttiful…um, beutifull,……beuttifull……..I can’t spell……..yer perty.

  95. ALL YOU MOTHEFUCKERS JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP! I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHY THE FUCK I’M WASTING TIME ON YOU DUMB ASS MOTHERFUCKERS WHO THINK THEY KNOW EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 OH, V1V1S3CT FUCK YOU BITCH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. Haha I am back…..Lol yeah i know no one missed me but I am here to say HI!!!! haha and CHEER UP!!!! BE HAPPY. Well I dont have much to say besides sorry I was being an intolerant bitch. I was in a bad mood that day. Well I am happy now so lets all forget the posers and go STREAKING!!!Well bye all my bitches lol.


  97. Inu,
    We can’t hear your fucked up cadence when you type online. Your exclamation points only make you look like even more of a dumbass. I don’t think I know everything, only that you know next to nothing. And, yes, why are you wasting time on us? I say you stop. Then we won’t have to hear your weak attempts at a retort anymore. Maybe I should put this in terms you can understand,


    Was that better?

  98. Alright, I was wrong not every body on here knows everything. I usually don’t yell like that. My apologizes to anyone who’ll accept them. (by the way nice profile FacelessFuck)

  99. Inu,
    You just earned alot of my respect. It’s all good. You were mature enough to apologize, so I can definitely accept your apology. Thanks for calming down.
    I changed my profile. Nice job taking it in stride. Type at you later, man.

  100. for anyone else who has not yet responded to my apology: if you don’t accept my apology, that is fine by me. if you do, thanxz.

  101. I don’t accept or reject apologies. We are simply commuters passing by each other. I wasn’t hurt by anything you said, so I have no reason to be waiting for an apology, but thanks for the though. Let’s start with a blank slate and forget the previouse conversations…….Hello…

  102. Blank open chatter
    feels like a teeter-totter
    up and down i go
    dancing through the shadows
    join hands and hearts together
    we will learn from eachother
    until death do us part
    i love you with all my heart

  103. thats neat knight, i think ill put you in the basement with fluffy.

  104. Is that your stuff? “we will learn together till death do us part”….thats fuckin cool, i wish i had made it up…….Fuckin bastard. no more gettin quick on the draw. Just fuckin around.

  105. fuck i hate that 180 secs. rule. I already posted but i don’t know if you all got it. I was just saying i wrote that not even thinking about it. Vivi you honestly cannot think that is cool. I more agree with the bastard comment. Oh well, i got to go. I am camping and it sucks here. Will be home soon.

  106. Whoa, I hadn’t even noticed that suicides-mystery was back. After a re-read of this forum I saw her. How funny.

  107. wow, its amazing how many people have commented on this post. interesting views you guys have.


  108. wow its been a long time since iv been here. Life seemed to be ok for a while till i fucked myself up with some shit. I dont call myself a goth i dont call myself anything labels are put on people so you can deal with them. If you know of somone by knowing there a prep you will deal with them like you deal with a prep. Im a mixture of labels i guess but i never label myself. I do have a dark side (not saying its evil but a sight for “darker” things) but i also love sports im refered to as a jock yet all i do is play alot of sports. I dont know how to not be a poser iv been called a poser forever since i live a false life i go to a private christian school and as much as i hate them and threaten to burn them all alive i cant take action im only 14 almost 15 my parents love me. I dont know wat to do with them i can fuck off anyone but wat about those people who actually care for you. I guess we all are unique and take a little of alot of stuff to be who we are. But i hate christians they raped my soul i would take x just to get “close to god” so i could take my foot to his ass. Wat are your guys views on god and how can i fight the christians i dont hate all religions but these people have fucked too much

  109. I just want to say penguins would make great house pets. Thank you


  110. I have to admit, I’m a poser. That’s right. I may not be goth, but I let people group me with them. All I want to do with my life is eat peanut butter. I weep:(

  111. Honestly, get it right. It’s “poseur,” not “poser.”

    Poser: A baffling question or problem.

    Poseur: One who affects a particular attribute, attitude, or identity to impress or influence others.

  112. Honestly, who cares if someone calls anyone else a poseur?
    All it porves is their blantant ignorance of the truth, reasoning for this statement: if you call someone a poseur you are simply implying that they do not meet ‘your’ standards for what they are… for example: if a ‘goth’ calls another ‘goth’ a posuer then you a regurgitating a usless opinion on anothers habits, thoughts, what-the-damn ever, did they difine what a ‘goth’ is? No, they are simply baseing their views on the fucking rhetoric that has been stewing in the commune for these years. And, personaly and frankly, if I want someones fucking opinion, I will ask for it, otherwise I couldn’t give less of a shit on what someone thinks or says.

  113. Hmm…

    … All it |proves| is their…

    … posuer then you |are| regurgitating a usless…

  114. posers….interesring word. tell me r u a poser? it was on a shirt i saw last night

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