The Power

The light glitters off its steel blade as I hold it in my hands.
I look, I stare, I marvle at its power over me, my thoughts, and feelings.
I watch as my hand slowly moves towards my wrist. I watch.
I watch as the pressure is applied. I watch.

I watch as my hand pulls back on iys handle. I watch.
I watch as the blood rund down, down, down.
I watch as the blood streams down and drippes off my elbow.
It is now that its power over me is gone.
It is now that my problems have left me temporarily.
And it is now that I can walk away from everything.
So I walk.
But I will never walk too far because the problems will be back and so will the blades power over me.

By demondaughter

I dont like fuzzy bunnies and I dont like feilds of flowers.Im not a gurly gurl so dont act like I am. And if you havent figured it out by now Im just another manic depressive sayin how she feels.