Reports are that the forthcoming THE PREDATOR is being extensively reshot after its viewing by test audiences. (I wonder how one gets chosen to be a part of a test audience? Is it like jury duty, where they just send you a postcard in the mail? I wouldn’t mind doing some test-audience-ing. Where do I sign up?) The key word here is “extensive.” In such cases, the finished film, the “after,” may not too much resemble the “before.” This can be an indicator of serious problems with a movie. Conversely, it can be good news.

Regardless of how SOLO performed at the box office relative to other STAR WARS movies, it’s a blast, and it was reportedly almost entirely reshot after Ron Howard took over directing duties. Likewise DEADPOOL 2 was getting lousy reactions from test audiences, and the reshoots saved it, turning it into an even better movie than its predecessor. Even TITANIC had tons of pre-release problems, and look how that turned out. But for every success story there is a JUSTICE LEAGUE. Will these revisions result in a fitter, trimmer, healthier, and better version of THE PREDATOR? We won’t know until the movie hits theaters, but I sure hope so.