The Psy Vampiress

Raven woke up form her long deep sleep. The sun was hiting her face as the hunger grew in her. Raven knew that she would not be able to feed until that night. That did not woorry her because it was the end of summer, and first day back in high school.

She got dressed, ate and left. When she got their Raven found her friend Kelly who she knew snice first grade. They talked for a bit till a guy started to picked on them. They tried to talk him down but he still went on. He walk of they both looked at each other knowing was to happen. On that night the school was dead with on sign of life but the guy. Then he turned to see the two women. Raven smiled and bear huged him and kissed him with that feeding on his soul’s energy till death. Then let go of him droping him on the floor. Then Kelly shunke him down holding them nere her open mouth. then swallowed him. The next day they heared the guy was missing they looked at each other and laugh about it.