The Punishment

She wakes…Shackles around her wrists and ankles, linked to heavy chains that bind her to the rack. Her body, hardly resting on the heavy splintered wood. How long she has been there, she cant remember. Her limbs stretched to the limit, her sockets all but pulled apart. Her body ached and she moans weakly. The footsteps fall close around her, as she struggles to open her eyes… Nothing, she sees nothing, it is utter darkness around her. She fights to wring herself free of her restraints, her body on fire from the pain she has just been dealt. Ridden hard, and put away wet. Every muscle ached and screamed as she tried to pull on the chains. She screams softly, her own voice mutted by its hoarsness. Her throat was on fire.

Suddenly a door open and light filled the room. Solid concrete walls. Device of torturous pain all around the room. Whips hang along the walls, cat of nine tails, chains and shackles of all sorts, gags, and other deviant sexual toys strewn on tables, paddles, stockades, cages, and swings, carefully placed around the room. And she was on the most splendid of all… the rack. Her body has been pulled, and stretched, contorted, and violated. Abused.

The foot steps fall closer to her, she can hear them at the foot of the rack. She strains to lift her head to look at who is there, but cannot because she is too weak. She feels a finger tip slowly running along the arch of her foot, to her ankle shackle, then over her muscular calf, to her extended knee. Shivers ran through her body, her nipple rings stood on end as her nipple grew erect. Her body stretched so that the slightest breeze was an extreme sensation to her. Her flesh burned, being pulled so tightly. A wet hot burning flowed over her inner thigh as his tongue made its way up it, stopping right before her abused sexuality. She whimpers as hot tears run down her face, burning her cheeks as they roll over them falling to the floor.

He places his hand on her mound, and runs it up her stomach, her body taunt from the rack, pulling her in every direction. She twists in pain as his hot hand makes its way up her sensitive skin, to her nipple. He firm grips one of her rings, giving it a quick and painful tug as he leans down towards her, his breath stinging against her. His mouth closing around her other nipple, as he takes the other ring in between his teeth, yanking roughly on it. She whimpers and pushes her body up, trying to relieve her breast. His hand moves quickly to her collar as his teeth release her nipple, his head suddenly next to her ear. In a low but harsh voice he says, as grabbing the hoop at the front of her collar, jerking her to attention.

“Do you not like the pleasure I give you? Isn’t this what you were asking for my precious,When you so blatanly disobied me?” The tears flowed freely down her cheeks now, as she whimpered softly, “Yes Master, I love the pleasures you give me. I seek your attention all I can.” He chuckles sadistically as he releases her collar, and walks over to one of the many tables with deviant toys layed about on them. He grabs a candle, and looks back at her, straining to raise her head to watch what He is doing. She hears the flick of the lighter ring through the silent room, and cringes. She knows what is about to come for her.

Walking back to her slowly he tilts the candle from side to side, allowing the flame to lick and caress the wax as it melts a nice pool of it in the center, around the wick. He looks at her, watching her laboured breathing, making her chest heave up and down. He walks up next to her, holding the candle above her stomach. He watches her eyes move with the candle as he moves it up and down right above her torso. He slowly begins to pour the wax on her stomach, moving the candle up to let the wax splash when it hits her skin. She yelps as the wax burns against her skin, cooling slowly. Turning into hard little splashes and bubbles against her body.

He looks hungrily at her breasts, the erect nipples protruding into the cold air. He leans down and sucks one of her nipples into his mouth, clamping down hard against the tender flesh with his teeth. Twisting and turning the nipple ring with his tongue. She squirms against her restraints, as she whimpers and moans. He bites down harder, making her moans turn into whines and small squeels, of pain and pleasure. He releases his hold on her now even more tormented nipple, and straightens up.

Looking her in the eye, he raises the candle above her again. He slowly tilts the candle, so that she can watch as the melted wax starts to form a bubble over the edge of it. She inhales deeply and holds her breath, as the small droplets of melted wax begin to land on her tits, from her cleavage to her hard nipples. He allows the wax to poor over them. Coating her rings, that are standing at attention.

He begins to rub the wax loose from her skin, leaving red blotches and welts on her soft already overly sensative skin. She cringes with pain, holding in a high pitched scream, as the wax pulls the almost invisible little hairs along her flesh. Her fingers clamp over the cuffs around her wrists, and her toes curl under, as it is almost too much for her already in pain body to handle.

He again leans over and begins to lick the red marks left on her body with his hot tongue, burning her just by the touch of it. She bites her lower lip trying to forget about what he is doing to her, trying to release her mind from this anguish. He then ran his hot tongue up her torso to her neck. Biting down on her soft skin, running his tongue along the flesh he held between his teeth.

He releases her, and moves his mouth to her ear again. In a lower and more calm voice, he said “Have we had enough my precious? Can you handle much more?”. Her eyes all but begged for this to be done, but her response simply was, “what ever you wish Master, I am yours to do what you want with.” He smiles at her as he turns. Walking to the table, he blows the candle out, and sets it back down.

He turns slowly, facing her once more. He conceals something within his hand, as he walks to the end of the rack. He sets something next to her waste, but she could not move her head enough to see what it was. She heard the hinges of the lower end of the rack being changed, and suddenly she feels the wood under her legs and ass give way. Swinging down on its hinges with a loud squeek, and sudden thump that made the whole rack shudder. Making her body jerk on her restraints hard. A yelp escaped her as her socket were pulled harder upon.

The lower half of her suspended only by the swinging beams that held her restraints. He took the pin out of one of the beams hinges and moved one of her legs out, spreading her legs wide apart. She felt her muscles being stretched tight, as soon as the resistance was too much, he replaced the pin, that held the beam in place.

He walked around her leg and came up to her in between her legs. She could see his face, and the sick sadistic grin he had on it as he reached up to where he had laid the new device of pain he grabbed off the table. He slowly runs his hand over her pussy. Exposed as it was, by how far her legs were spread, he had no problem hitting the clit as he rubbed his palm hard against her. She tried to pull on her arm restraints to escape his rough, fondles, but that only led to her ankle restraints digging deep into her flesh. She gave up the struggle.

She then felt a somewhat cool liquid being poured over her, dripping down her lips, seeping its way down her slit, until it reached her back hole. He then returned his hand to her, running one finger along her slit, spreading this liquid all over her nether regions. He plunged a finger deep inside of her, curling it towards him, she shifted against her restraints again, as she releases a moan.

His finger moves in and out of her, her own juices begin to flow from her. mixing with the lubricant he had already applied. She feels the wetness spreading down her.

He removes his finger from her cunt, and licks it. Smiling at her, his hand once again vanishes down between her legs. He runs his finger down the length of her slit, to her anus. Slowly he runs his finger around her small tight puckered hole. She squirms as he slowly applies pressure against it. Pushing his slicked fingers into her ass. He slowly works in and out of her ass hole, as she squirms and moans. Trying to relax so it does not hurt, she begins to enjoy this a little more than he wanted. He roughly shoves his two fingers knuckle deep into her. She screams out, filling the cold room with her shrills. He chuckles as he slowly spreads his fingers against the resisting hole. Stretching her open, she squeals in pain.

Suddenly there is a brief relieved period as he pulls his fingers out of her, only to be replaced with his little devious instrument. He plunges a plug deep into her ass, making her scream out. She cries from the pain, the tears rolling down her face. He had not prepared her for the size of the plug, being 5 inches long, and about 3 ½ inches thing. Slowly she tries to relax, although she is finding it quite difficult seeing as her legs are straining to support her weight as her lower half of her body dangles from the restraints. He pressure and pain slowly subside, as he begins to run is thumb softly across her clit. She sphincter muscles slowly relaxing against the plug, hugging and holding it snuggly inside of her.

He rubbed harder on her clit, forcing her moans to grow deep within her. She couldn’t help but grind her hips upwards, against his hand. As soon as he felt she was enjoying this a little too much, she suddenly felt the plug come to life within her. Vibrating and gyrating deep inside her, stretching her contorting her insides. She bellows out against the deep hum emminating from with in her. Her muscles contract fiercly against the intrusive plug, making her pain even more exquisit.

He stands there watching his work on her. Her tears running down her cheeks, forming puddles on the ground below her head. She squirms and pulls on her restraints, blood actually had begun to drip from her wrists and ankels, from where the cuffs where cutting into her skin. He smiles at himself and at his pet. How he makes her break for him.

Slowly he walks closer to her, smelling the aroma of her battered sex, with the sweat of her tortured body mingling in the air. He walks up between her legs, and slowly unbuttons his pants, letting them slide down his hips, over his ass. He pulls out his raging hard on, and begins to brush the tip of his cock agains her wet cunt. She squeals at the thought of anymore penetration, and he stops. He moves away from her and walks around her leg. He is looking down at her now, into her eyes. Without saying a word, she is begging him not to intrude what orafices she has remaining unfilled. He smiles at her, his wicked and sadistic smile, as he leans down and say. “Open your mouth my pet.” She wimpers but obeys him. Opening her mouth as wide as she can, he fits the ball gag in place, and secures it behind her head. No longer would her screams be a hinderance to his pleasure with her.

He returns to between her legs, and begins to slowly stroke his cock, making the erection return completely, as his eyes move across her body. He presses the tip against her clit, rubbing it back and forth slowly, watching her writhe beneath him. He presses against her more forcefully, hearing her moan through the gag. He runs himself along her sex. He can feel the vibration from the plug against the tip of his cock, pushing a bit against the plug, pressing it deeper into her.

She whimpers and squirms in her restraints, as he chuckles softly to himself. How much he enjoyed watching her, watching how much she could and would take for him, watching her body shake and contort just by his slight touch… He grips his cock tighter, drawing his hand slowly up his shaft, drawing a white drop to the tip of his cock. He slides his penis slowly up her sex until he feels the warm, tight, deep, dark entrance of her cunt. He slowly presses his hips forward, sliding deep inside her with one long slow thrust.

She wails through the gag as her body tenses, her skin on fire from being stretched completely. She feels his hard cock stretching her to gain access into her tight cunt, she feels her inside walls gripping every inch as it slides deeper and deeper into her. Her wails change from wails into moans, as she is being completely filled, until his body is tightly nestled against her.

He begins to slowly grind his hips against her, pushing himself deeper yet. Exploring her within. He enjoys the muted moans pour from behind the gag in her mouth. He reaches up and cups her breasts in his hands as he starts to gradually withdraw from her. His fingers lightly grazing her nipples, making them spring to life, hardening almost instantly. He kneeds and massages her breasts pinching her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, rolling them back and forth between them. When her moans begin to increase in volumn, he suddenly rams his cock deep inside her, as his fingers dig into her breasts. He begins to thrust deep and hard into her, her pussy clinging to every inch of him.

She can hear the slapping of their bodies connecting with every thrust he assaulted her with. Each slap creates a stronger, new burning sensation throughout her body. Overwhelmed by the mixture of pain from her body and pleasure from him, she cums, harder than she ever had before. He feels this begins to get more forceful, as he slams deep into her, one of his hands leaves her breast. Sliding its way down her stomach across to her hip, he drags his fingers along her hip bone, then down around to her buttock. Grabbing it firmly, he begins to massage his way across to the crack of her ass… Without missing a stroke, he finds and grabs the anal plug and begins twisting and moving it back and forth within her ass…She screams through the gag as her orgasm races through her…

Plunging deep within her he can feel the pressure building within himself. He knows he close to cumming also, he withdraws himself from her cunt, and walks around to the head of the table. He loosens her gag, and grabs a handful of hair, making her face him. With his free hand he guides his cock to her lips, she is clenching her teeth firmly, and will not give. He pulls harder on her hair, practically yanking it from the root, she opens her mouth to gasp at the pain, and he places his cock in her mouth. She ponders biting him, but thinks better of, if she gets this as punishment for self gratification, she could only imagine the pain she would experience from something of that nature. So slowly she gives into his will, allowing his cock pass through her lips, and over her tongue, she gently brushes the tip of it with her tongue, as her lips tighten around the shaft. His grip gradually loosens on her hair, but he guides her head along his shaft, till he can feel the back of her throat against the tip of his penis. He thrust his hips forward, pushing the head deeper into her throat and watches her body wretch as she gags on it. He holds her head there, making her gag reflex tighten around his cock, her tongue trying to expel the violation. He then begins to withdraw slightly letting her recover from the urge to vomit, then again he plunges deep into her throat, this time, she is more prepared and takes it in deeper, holding it there wasn’t as thrilling as it was the first time, but he did anyway, until the urge to continue the thrusts surfaced. He then began thrusting into her face, pubic hair brushing across her nose as he buried himself deep within her mouth, her tongue pressing hard against his shaft, and her lips tightly clenching him.

Sucking as hard she could, as the tip passed over her tongue, and back into her throat. She could still taste herself on his cock, as she sucked even harder, he would bury himself deep in her throat and hold it there. She took this time to moan and let the vibrations run through her throat, against the tip of his cock. He jolted with this pushing deeper, as deep as he could, her nose was buried in his pubic hair, pressed against his skin, she could smell his sweat, mixed with hers, and her remaining juices left on him. He began to pull out as she exhaled through her nose, he could feel her breath against his wet shaft and he moan, pulling her tighter, he unexpectedly thrusted back in, deep deep into her throat, she felt him explode there, as she tried desperately to swallow, not wanting to choke on his cum, but unable to swallow properly due to the intruder in her throat. She felt his streaming down her throat on its own accord. He withdrew from her mouth, as she sucked hard on his cock as it left her, and he slapped her face with his semi flaccid cock. The heat of the blush of humility burn her cheeks. Never had he slapped her with his cock before. How humiliating, how degraded she felt at that moment. He then dressed himself again, watching her the whole time, laying tied to the rack, naked, tortured, welts and and bruises all over her body. He smiled to himself as she looked at him, humiliated. “have you learned your lesson?”, he said to her. She couldn’t bring herself to speak. She nodded to him, looking to the floor.

Slowly he walked back to the side of the table. He roughly pinched her nipple one more time, then attached the leash to her collar, before he unshackled her from the rack. She slowly tried to get up, but her strength had been left upon the table. He helped her to her feet, where she collapsed to her hands and knees at his feet. She kissed him praisingly for being released from the shackles. He began walking out of the room, leading her still on her hands and knees down the cold stone hall, to her cell. He opened the door, and the lights from the lantern filled the hall. She couldn’t wait to fall onto the comfort of her cot, but was shocked to find it was no longer there. Instead of the cot there was a steal barred cage, big enough for her to lay in. there was a cup and some food setting outside the cage, just barely within her reach. She looked up to him, then back at the cage in disbelief. He nudged her into her cell with the heel of his foot. She fell into the cell, clumbsily, still lacking her strength from the prior treatment. He opened the cage door, and shoved her inside. Closing the door quickly, and clasping the pad lock closed on the hinge. He looked at her sternly. “Its not over you know” he said to her as he extinguished the lantern, and closed the door to her cell. Leaving her in the cold, damp darkness of her lonely cell…..

To Be Continued.

By nahemah

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