The Rain of the Dead

The demons of hell shall rise up form their slumber with the skies will turn red with the blood of the innocent and the young. As death draws ever closer you can here the roar of the beast approaching you. As everyone around you is dying you see them praying to their god. The fires of hell rise up around you and you see beasts and creatures walk the earth that you remember from your nightmares.

The cries of the children are unbearable until you here the call of the dead within your head. It gets louder and louder until you can feel you’re mind melting within your own head. Your eyes recede into your skull and there is nothing you can do. The last thing you see is the face of death. For the eyes of death are hollow and now so is yours. And believe me if you survive believe me you’ll wish you hadn’t lived to see the age of the dead.

By logy

i'm a sk8er and i like small furry things called fred. i believe u should live death to the full. (i hardly ever swear but that's just me)


  1. unusual, friend. at least it’s tasteful, unlike some of the things posted here. kudos

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