The Real Me

A collaborative effort of MourningStar2002, mistress faruzah, Vixodus, iDraTherbEan+geL, & CryingRain1

Love me, fear me, hate me.
But no matter what,
You can’t escape me.

I am yours, you are mine.
Stop this struggle,
Let our souls intertwine.

And like a dove I set you free,
So fly away,
And please just let me be.

And like a hawk I return to thee.
Like a rat I haunt
To make you dream of me.

I am the beast inside.
-Despising Love-
Pray, I’ll never turn outside!
Though not to God above
For never free, you never be!
For never were, ever poisoned you are!

I linger without sleep.
-Your demon within-
My claws already deep.

They pierce your skin,
And rupture your heart.
Bleeding and crying,
But never dying.
Oh, no, never dying.