the reapers tale

no one knows the pain he feels no one knows the death he sees no one understands him no one cares about him as he enters the room weeping the deady power seeping from in between his fingers his eyes forced to linger on a boy no older than five forced to die and never be alive he has cancer of the heart and his healing just wont start i watch as the reaper strats his horrible task i cry as the little boy begins to breath his last i see the reapers eyes turn and smile i watch his hand move what seemed a mile he pressed his fingers to his lips his breath starts to come in tiny sips my eyes tear as i watch the reaper die i begin to lose it as i watch him sigh he falls to the floor with a smile on his face now its time for my heart to do its deadly race the monitor starts beeping im dying the nurses scream the doctors run im frying they step on the reaper and fall dead to the floor a man dressed all in black steps up to the door he smiles and mouths goodday mr reaper have a nice one those of deaths keeper the beeping stops and my body grows cold my memory starts to falsh with knowledge of old i am the reaper and this was my tale goodbye to you and all i nail