The Ring…

Everyone fears it. Just seeing a mear tape will change Moria’s life… for seven days.
“Have you heard about that weird tape?” Sammy asked.
” No. Why?”
” They say whoever watches it dies.” Sammy smiles.

Moria laughs a bit but trying not to have a broken laugh because Sammy knows that she’s trying to scare her. It normally always works too.
“It’s wierd, you see a chair. Then a ladder. Then this freaky lady brushing her hair. After it’s done you get a call saying seven days. And then yo-”
“STOP!” Moria yells.” I-I-I saw the tape. Jason and I went to the mountians with some friends and we saw the tape together.”
Sammy’s eyes went blank. She was terrified. It was only a joke a scam,right? Not really. That was a week ago Moria saw the tape. A week today. Seven days past. Her last night is tonight.
” That was a week ago… a week ago tonight. Its seven days.” Moria fell back on her bed with Sammy. Then the phone rings. They both jump. How would call at this time at night? They both walk slowly just enough to stall and hear the phone rings about ten more times. Moria picks up the phone. With a tense voice she managed to slip out the most shakyest hello in the world.
“Hi mom…yes we’re fine…we’re going to be now…okay…bye mom.”
Then the TV turns on to that fuzzy picture you get when a channel isn’t working. Moria goes to it and stares.
“Sammy stop being a bitch and give me the re-remote”
The remote was just where it always was. On the coutch. Moria turns it off but as soon as she turns around the fuzzy picutre goes back on again. This time she goes pats the coutch right to the source of the problem. She unplugs the TV. After letting out a huge sigh Moria walks to the stair case and slowly walks up them.
“Sammy? Can you hear me?”
Nothing. Freaked out she runs out to the bedroom and sees the fuzzy picture on her own TV. Parts of the video come flashing back. No ones in her room but Moria. A little girl comes doging out of the TV and Moria gives out a ear pearcing scream…

By Notyourbeautyqueen

I used to write on Darkness about two years ago, and now, after many years of being in the shadows...I decided to come out again