The Road to Inperfection

In search of perfection, you follow the path to destruction.
Your pursuit of success will all be in vain.
Your life-long journey ends up with you on the brink of death.
Purpose in life: to die.

The true trail of tears lies within the mind.
We are all slaves.
We have no names, only numbers.
With each obstacle we take, our heart grows weak.
Stumble all the way through; fall off the edge.
Caught in the whirlwind of decisions.
Life in purgatory; death is the release.
Emotions are the stones that strike us.
Everything else is an illusion.
Solitude is the greatest blessing and the worst punishment.
Swim in the diamond and snow-capped waves in the sea of
Suffer the angry moon.
Change the world from green to brown.
Watch the resurrection.
Life is born again, only to die once more.
Irony is inevitable.
Tragedies are the only memories.
Lost in your own cloud of consciousness.
See the light through the mist.
That is the only salvation.
Lose all faith, find it again, and recieve the miracle of life.