The secret

“Truth, truth in the midst of lies.”Her child eyes looked about where she was, her voice tender as well as scolding. She was but only seven yet wise beyond her years. Some would later say, ‘Seven going on Seventy.”

“Tell me child! If you do not bad things will happen! If you do i will treat you to hot food.” The child laughed as the gray-bearded man, with his angry face, stomped his foot. He’d been saying this over and over, and it was getting old.
“What you desire, you cannot have,” baby blue eyes set against fare skin and black hair, “it will only aid you in your error.” Her eyes ignored the man now and looked upon the room in which she was being held. Tall bare stone walls held up the sturcture, a thatch roof was the only thing that protected the captive and captor from the harsh German winter. Only one window adorned the walls, frozen and covered with frost. Eyes drifted back, “I know more than you’ll hope to ever know, I know who it is you’re looking for, I know where he resides. And i’ll never tell!” An evil hand came crashing down across her pale face making it burn red. “Brat!” The man spat, “Selfish brat!” That hand again. Singing pain, her hair drifted over her face as she stared down, down at her tattered clothing, her open toed shoes. Down at the gun which pointed to her heart. “Hit me all you want, but beware, when i die along dies the secret.” Oh how brave she was, how simple, yet complex. Her beautiful blue eyes laughed agin as the gun at her heart was shot, she lay dead. The man cursed himself for his anger and tossed the dead child into the snow.

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