The Soul’s Epiphany

I was never a part of the light;
I was only shrowded by it
the way a flame engulfs shadow.
I have hidden in the light for too long.

Believing if I fled the darkness,
if I was consumed by light,
I would be saved.
I would be free of the shadow,
Now I find I cannot.
I am powerful,
but I cannot escape myself.
A dragon may trun to a faery,
but inside
the fire still burns.
The fire will always burn
and it will destroy everything
but itself.
Yet I have no fire.
I am the shadow,
the blackness,
the night.
I will return to the whispering moon,
to her unearthly glow
I retreat.
And the darkness will hold me
once again.
And I will be saved from the light,
but never from myself.~


By Clouded Silver

What the hell am I suppose to say about myself? No one knows me...I barely know me. But feel free to talk to me alone; it just seems awkward trying to talk to myself...not that I don't do it already.