The Stones That You Throw

You pick up stones
And throw them at me
Although they don’t hurt my body
They thud at my soul;

You’ll never understand
How much they hurt me
How much you hurt me
How weak I really am;
My body collapses
It takes but a twig
And I’m down on the ground
Crying for help;
If I was too dead
Maybe I’d not feel it
If my body was too numb
Your stones would not hurt;
If I could’nt cry any more
Maybe I’d not feel sad
If my tears were frozen solid
Then perhaps it’d be OK;
But your voice poisons me
Your body scratches me
And your mind haunts me
I’ll never be free;
Again a stone hits me
Im crying for mercy
So weak and so helpless
I feel all alone;
Maybe now you know
How much you hurt me
How damaged I am
By the stones that you throw.

By BrokenDreams

Im.. me... Theres not much to say really...