The Story of Us

The Story of Us

In this world
there exist characters called


I live in a world so different from yours
My world is strange to you, it means being on myself, by myself.I live in a reality called “Misunderstood” which is connected with negative and dark adjectives.Adjectives that peope dont understand,like a blackhole.A blackhole where everything shrinks into nothingness.Just empty darkness.NObody ever ventured in my blackhole as nobody understand and knows whats inside.People fear the unknown as the deemed it normal.Normality which affects only you and your kin,leaving and separating me as not of your kind.Abnormal because my source of happiness is astrayed from yours.I live in the murky waters of the underworld,nobody knows what’s inside.Unl;ess one will delve and dive to know.Living in my reality is hard for I have to remain kicking so that I’ll float.Or else I’ll sink.Few have survived who dared to know what’s underneath, most of them have drowned or sunk.They were not prepared that my world is a constannt struggle.Always looking for a bouy to cling on but bouys are rare.There are times when I get tired of paddling, a time when I am to weak to hang-on to my life.Once I felt the weakening of my legs, the undercurrent is gradually pulling me down.If i let go I’ll sink if I strugle I’ll float.But for how long?The constant ordeal and the threat of sinking is numbing my sernse.The monotony is blurring my system.

If there are those who failed, there are also few who have made it.Made it and survived to be called Victors.Will I win?

You World

You live in a world less fraught with complexities.So oppose to mine.Your world is a gurgling brook that if you throw stones it will bounce back at you.No vast and fathomless ocean of drak waters.You have one river of felicity and melancholy.So nice and orderly is you world, no zigzag paths and jagged edges for you to trod on.You are brought up in a very exact manner, that you forgot to grow sinews and muscles.Instead you were supplied with crutches,that if you got lost in my world you are rendered helpless,because here there are no directions for you to take.You are alone and on your own pluck.In your world there is the totality of light while mine a totality of darkness and an occasinal eclipse of light.So different.

The great
the only
we have.