The Temple of the Tortured

In the temple of the tortured light turns to dark, life turns to death. You can feel death watching you through hollow eye. There are corpses lying on the ground everywhere, but they are the lucky ones, for their pain is over but for others there pain has just begun. All you can hear is the silent screams all around you. They seek death, but will not find it, they want to die, but death will flee from them.

You can feel there pain around ever corner, and the creatures that torturer the souls of so many hunting you never resting till your soul is his to torturer. You feel your mind filling up with darkness and you slowly go insane until you end up as one of the tortured souls hanging from the walls around you in the temple of the tortured.

By logy

i'm a sk8er and i like small furry things called fred. i believe u should live death to the full. (i hardly ever swear but that's just me)