I’m hearing reviews for the new TCM movie that are all over the board. Some are saying it’s great, many are saying it sucks, and most are saying something in-between the two extremes. I can’t offer you a review yet as I haven’t seen it yet. I can’t livestream that ish and my bootlegger hasn’t gotten me a burned DVD yet. I’ll let you all know what I think as soon as I receive it and watch it. (Hypothetically. I’d never actually encourage bootlegging of a movie. All that talk about it is just me being facetious. I repeat, facetiousness.)

If nothing else, though, it seems the FX people had their hearts in the right place, intent on doing right by Leatherface. “We created a lot of [his] faces. They were all silicone faces. They all had to be hand punched with eyebrows and eyelashes. There is a lot of detail in these things to make it look literally like somebody’s face had just been ripped off. It was interesting too because the studio wanted us to make the face look really scary [but we] sculpted it to have a sad look about it…by giving him a look of sadness and then having him go on the rampage, Leatherface can have emotion now…that changes the whole ball game. It gives him more range as a character that people will read into in the same way that they read into the lack of emotion on Michael Myers; that became everything for that character. That face is part of why that character is what he is…the bit of sadness that Leatherface has, and then knowing what he does afterward.”

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