the thinking of man..dark and light

man has always been double sided,not just good..not just evil.

in some part of us we get to recognize a part of us wherein we could say i did something good,and in relation we also have our times of saying,i never thought i could face my conscience by doing that awful thing..yes,we all have our virtues and vices..we all came into this world with both.but one thing should be taken into consideration:no one pushed us to do these things but ourselves.JESUS didnt push us and niether did SATAN.we are the ones responsible with everything that we choose to do.

if it was the heart of JESUS who made us do some good thing that others may come to appreciate;or if it was the vicious mind of the devil that went inside our weak minds that caused us to step on our bretherens’ toes:THEN WE ARE NOT WORTHY OF THE TITLE:HUMANS…we were born with a mind to think for ourselves and strong enough not to be enfluenced by other beings.if we have chosen the path of evil,then it doesnt mean we cant turn back.likewise if we travel the road that might bring us to that place called heaven,it doesnt mean we’ll never get bored and choose not to go on-head back to evil,that is.

we are not single minded,never was never will be..we were born with a LEFT and a RIGHT..the potential to do good and the will to do evil.