I was only ever a marginal fan of THE X-FILES. This surprises some folks, given how much of a Monsterkid I am, a Horror Hound. Maybe it was a timing thing as much as anything. I didn’t have the time to dedicate to following the show religiously, which is what was required if one were to “keep up.” I enjoyed the standalone episodes, the “monster-of-the-week” episodes. The interconnected ones, the ones tying into the overreaching conspiracy, did not interest me. As several of the hardcore fan base faithful have told me that the storyline ended up becoming incomprehensible, dull, and extremely overbaked, it would appear that I was right in my choice to abstain from it. Yeah, the standalones were the way to go. Flukeman remains my favorite of all the weekly beasties, and that particular episode can be enjoyed without a viewer having any knowledge of any other episode. As every single episode probably should have been.

Anyway, if you enjoy those other kind of episodes, the big conspiracy ones, there is a chunk of news that will likely interest you. The mysterious closure of a solar observatory in New Mexico, the involvement of the FBI, and a seeming “code of silence” concerning the reasons for all of it.

Yep. It’s an X-File case.