I wonder if technology will ever advance to the point that such a thing is possible. Allowing the viewer to create his own movie mashup, I mean. This past weekend I went with the lovely better half to see A STAR IS BORN. It’s really good. Not perfect, but good. They didn’t quite stick the ending. The acting is great, though. (Sam Elliot is the man!) It’s not the kind of movie I would ever have gone to see on my own, but every once in a while my geek girl, who loves Horror as much as I do, develops a hankering for a Chick Flick. None of our coterie of gay guy friends was available to go with her, so I volunteered.

There’s this one character I despised, the guy playing Lady Gaga’s manager. During the scene where I found myself despising him the most, I started to chuckle, imagining dropping Venom into the scene, imagining the latter giving his “so many tasty treats” speech before biting the head off the twerp. “What’s so funny?” my honey asked me. When I explained later, she also laughed, thinking about it. Yep. I’d say we’re compatible, alright.

If whatever tech replaces the Blu-ray has the drop-in-a-character-of-your-choice feature, I’ll buy it. Wouldn’t you? Just think about Venom biting the head off some character in some movie that YOU hate. It’d be glorious, wouldn’t it, to make that happen?