The Vampire King

Jeremy came up behind me and nussled my neck with his noes and then kissed it. I smiled and turned around to face him and looked deeply into his eyes. His usual eye color was hazle, but this time, his eyes turned yellow. When his eyes turned yellow, it ment he was horney as hell!

As i started to kiss him, a police officer pulled up into our driveway. I was curious why the hell the cop was in my drive way. I told Jeremy to stay there and i went outside. I walked up to the cop and asked him what he wanted. he wasn’t facing me. However, he turned around and looked at me. What i saw was the most weirdish thing i have ever seen.

The person looked just like Jeremy! Same face, same strong neck, same big mucles and him. I was in so much shock i passed out. When i woke up, i was hearing two people talking. i pretended to stay passed out so i can sneak into their conversation.

Jeremy: “You cannot take her from me Sly! I won’t let you do that to me again!”

Sly: “Ha! That is what you think! i might be your twin brother, but i am so much powerful than you. Don’t you remember who I am or did you forget?!”

Jeremy: Oh, I remember. You got bit by Sky, the queen of all the vamires in your world. She picked you over me!

Sly: (chuckles) That’s right. I put my moves on her. I did so much better than you. You were to weak! So, i realised that I could do so much better…and look, i am now the king!

Jeremy: Yeah, you are the king….You are the king of huring hearts.
(I didn’t hear anything for about five seconds…then, i heard hisses coming from sly.)

Sly: How dare you talk to me about hurting hearts! i am the king! i can hurt hearts over and over again. Has anyone stopped me? No, they haven’t! Everyone is afraid of me! Even you are!

Jeremy: Yes, I might be afraid of you, but you have no right to take Emily!

Sly: Oh, yes i do! Since my queen was murderd, I have to find My queen before the next full moon. When i saw her in my futur looking glass, she was in my power! What a beautie she is!

Jeremy: Well, that futur looking glass is wrong! It doesn’t work right! Emily is not going with you!

Sly: Oh really? Who is going to stop me? You?

Jeremy was about to say something when i got fed up and stood up. Both of them were looking at me. “No one is taking me under their power!” Sly gave me her an evil grin. “Come toward me Emily!” She wouldn’t go near him. she stood across the room, looking at both of them.

Emily closed her eyes and thought real hard. Suddently, Sky came into her mind…”Please help me…what should i do?” Sky smiled. And with that, Emily looked up and gave Sly a evil smile.

“Two moons go down by sunrise, And the kings heart dies! Send him away to never return, let the fire grow apon him and let him burn!”

Sly looked her with wide eyes. All of a sudden, he was on fire. He screamed in pain. In a minute he was gone. Emily looked at Jeremy and smiled a sweet smile. She ran over to her and gave her a big hug. she leaned into him and whispered in his ear. “You are my king for now and forever.”
and with that, she bit him on the neck.

I just made this story up so if it sucks, sorry! but i think i this story is a bit…interesting, don’t you think?!

By RainbowFreak

Grrr....fine people. I like to bark at people, i like to freak the fucking preps out of their skins! I am a person that will do anything for pain. Pain to me is expression. i would write more...but i don't know what there is much to say about me.