The Watcher

The decomposing flesh will sit and rot into the earth whilst the soul, alive and well, will just float in sheol. All the helpless soul can do is exist and observe the horrors of the world go on, strong enough to cause a breeze, but not to revive his former self. The mind long ago has died and has no say in existance after life.

The eyes are dark, locked in a distant stare. The heart and lungs blacken and are infested by worms and maggots. Organs like the nose and ears desintegrate beyond existance. THe skin will darken, wounds enhance, blood turns blue and clots. While the body rots away, the soul just quietly observes and watches its former life decay. It watches family and friends learn to get on with their lives and slowly recover from the tragic incident. They occaisionally visit the bodies final resting place, leaving behind a bunch of flowers to show their appreciation. He watches the petals slowly dry out and rot into the earth, much like the flesh of the body underneath. Years later and all thats left of the body that used to be is bones and minimal remnents of muscle and flesh. All thats left of the life that used to be is the memories held by those who knew the now dead, and the soul, still trapped in a constant stare at the place where the body lies. Distant from distractions, distant from acceptance, distant from moving on and leaving his former life behind. He feels the presence of other souls, who like him, would give anything to walk again in their former life, whilst others accept their fate and move into the gates of heaven, others being swallowed into the gates of hell. Fifty years have now passed since the body’s final walking day, and the soul still has not accepted his fate. He had seen most other souls move on, and those he held close to him in life have also moved past him. He decided that it was time to move on, and no sooner had he thought this himself had the firey gates of hell swung open, and standing in the opening was a demon who spoke four simple words that would change the soul forever “Your time has come”
The End