The way that goths are made and the understanding

Goth to me and most is of a form of thoughts. I personally am not a goth in image but in mind. Im only a starting teen and I’ve stood out for all of my life. I was always the fat fuck loser who had no friends. This will give you the dark mind.

Deal with a life where you started out and lived through with no friends. Try being made fun of and always standing out. This is where you get the dark thoughts. The dark thoughts give you a further understanding of life, of people, religion, and many others. Goth is not hating all or worshipping Satan. Goths can have any religion and they can be popular and attractive. Goths dress so they can make a stand. So they can show that they don’t give a fuck about anything. How life is pathetic and insignifigant. How people are so narrow minded and slow. How you are the only one without any ignorance compared to others, and in others words you are the most ignorant. Think of it this way. From many lyrics from songs you will get a further understanding from truly listening from your soul. All we are is dust in the wind. A single drop of water in an endless sea. We try to prove that wrong through our clothing, our dark aura. I am known as the arrogant asshole with a mind that is endless in possibilites. All who are depressed and feel that they don’t care anymore is what I would call a true goth. We only dress to stand out, we only do that to become anything but a single drop of water. We want to be the stone in the river. The dark plum in a tree of peaches. Please reply as to this is my first posting on here

By XDrako

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