The Weird People

Why the Fuck do they do this to us.

“OMG look at that kid. The black clothes and bad music and weird poetry and the darkness and the evil!! That GOTH.”

So fucking what. We are diffrent. Because we choose to be. And if we like gothic music, or write dark poetry, its life’s fault. It fucked us over. They Fucked us over.

We dont ask to be diffrent. We just are. Its the way we are.

I hate their constant baggering.
It seems like everytime I walk into school I loose my right to be respected.
Like I am the way I am and dress the way I do because I want their comments.

Fuck them. All we want is to be left alone. We want respect. To be treated like people. So we are different. They are all the same and that is even worse than being different.

There will come a time when they are the loners. The different people. Until then we have to stick together and not let them get to us. Because they are the ones that are lost in their little worlds, those lucky bastards. They dont realize how lowly and pathetic their lives really are.

So live on Goths. Our Time To Rain Will Come.

By RavenofFilth666

Deppressed, gothic and have a whole lotta hatred twords nothing in particular, there are more important things to worry about