The Wish (A Twisted Erotic Tale)

Thomas was disgruntled to say the least. His sex life wasn’t the greatest in the world. He had watched lots of porn flicks and saw so many things he wanted to try, but he could never get his girlfriend Kate to experiment. He couldn’t believe what a prude she was.

Thomas was disgruntled to say the least. His sex life wasn’t the greatest in the world. He had watched lots of porn flicks and saw so many things he wanted to try, but he could never get his girlfriend Kate to experiment. He couldn’t believe what a prude she was. All he wanted to do was spice up their love life a little and she wouldn’t play ball. Kate was stunning to look at though. She had a figure that just wouldn’t quit and long black hair. When she rode him, she would swish her hair across her ass so she could get more out of him. She seemed satisfied with the way things were, but Thomas still wished she were a little wilder. He would fantasize about taking her forcefully from behind, thrusting his rock hard manhood in her like a jackhammer. Her face would contort in a mixture of pain and pleasure. She would scream and cuss and encourage him to go harder as she rabidly tore at her plump and perky breasts with her right hand. Her left hand would firmly grip the arm of the couch as she bent over to get the full feel. When Thomas was ready to cum, she would stand straight up and hunker down on his throbbing mass grinding her ass on his crotch so Thomas would feel the exhilarating pain of having his dick bent backwards. He would cry out as he released inside her, making her gush and convulse in orgasm. Then she would whip around and lick his member clean so that he didn’t have to wash it. That was only the beginning of his torrid and depraved fantasy. But she wouldn’t even do that, let alone anything else. Thomas couldn’t even get her to give him a blowjob, and it wasn’t for his lack of trying. He had even tried to push her head down there a time or two. That just gained him a slap to the face and a kick to the groin. He had often thought about dumping her and finding someone with a real wild streak, but alas, he loved her. She had always been there for him and she was the one he wanted to marry. As he sat in the empty coffee house, drinking his triple latte, he daydreamed of watching Kate locked in a 69 position with some wanton slut they had picked up at the bar. “Can I help you with that?” a sultry voice called. Thomas zoned back in on a beautiful blonde woman sitting across from him. “Wh-what?” was all he could get out of his mouth. The lady smiled and pointed to his coffee. “Your coffee, do you need some help with it? You haven’t touched it in like ten minutes. It’s going to get cold.” Thomas looked down at his, now cold, quarter drank cup of latte. He had to admit he wasn’t very thirsty, but he decided to play it cool. “I like it cold, it wakes me up.” He curled his mouth into a sly grin and winked at the stranger sitting across from him. He didn’t know why, but every time he looked at her he got that familiar burning sensation in his 501’s. “Well you could definitely use that, you were almost drooling on yourself.” The lady leaned across the table as she spoke, giving Thomas a full view of the top of her ample breasts. The leather corset she was wearing pushed them together hard enough that Thomas figured he couldn’t even get an atom between them. “I’m Sasha, what’s your name?” Thomas caught himself staring at her cleavage and blushed as he leaned back. Sasha smiled knowing full well what he had been looking at. “Thomas, Thomas Fry” Thomas blurted out, wincing as he talked. He didn’t try to sound so corny, but the whole James Bond thing was more of a natural reflex than anything else. “Well, Thomas, what were you thinking so fondly of earlier.” Thomas looked around nervously, he had hoped he hadn’t sported wood while fantasizing, but sometimes he couldn’t help it. His imagination had taken on a life of it’s own. “Nothing, just thinking about my girlfriend.” Thomas put stress on the “girlfriend” part, he wasn’t about to cheat on Kate, and he wanted Sasha to know that. “A girlfriend, huh, serious?” Sasha said as she leaned further across the table. Her breath smelled like mint, and the rest of her smelled of strawberries. “I would never do anything to hurt her, if that’s what you mean?” Thomas leaned back; ready to leave his seat if she got any closer. Sasha frowned as she spoke, “I doubt that. I think you just want her to enjoy it when you do hurt her.” Thomas scowled at the lady as she encroached on his personal space. “Look lady, you don’t even know me, and you are getting a little too close for comfort here. Why don’t you man-bash some other poor sucker. One that can’t see that you’re a slut.” Thomas’ remark came as he stood up from the table. He turned and started towards the door of the coffee bar. He didn’t have to take this crap from anyone. “I can help you, that is, if you want me to.” Out of the corner of his eye, Thomas caught Sasha’s profile as she leaned across the table. She wiggled her crossed legs so that her perfect ass jiggled in her black leather pants. She was looking down and letting her hair cascade around her face. Her curly blonde locks almost glowed, even in the low light of the coffee bar. “Well, I doubt you can, you don’t even know what my problem is.” Thomas turned back towards her and put his smuggest face on. The girl just didn’t know when to stop. “Sure I do, your girlfriend, Kate? She won’t do any kinky stuff. You aren’t satisfied with your sex life and you want her to be wilder.” Thomas moved closer, cautiously, “How did you know my girlfriends name? That wasn’t anything I told you?” Thomas searched his memory to make sure he was right about that statement. “I know a great many things, I know you’re only four inches…hard, it’s enough for Kate and it curves the right way, but she hopes someday you’ll get it extended or invest in a pump or something. You want her to be “no-holds-barred” and want to do all the wanton bullshit that you see on those porn tapes.” Sasha stood up and faced Thomas. She was standing close enough that her breasts were brushing his chest. Thomas felt his dick get hard as the thoughts of her breasts pushed against him rushed through his twisted mind. “And yes…they are real,” Sasha said as she smiled at Thomas. Thomas blushed as he took a step back from the beauty standing in front of him. “So how can you help me?” Thomas asked sarcastically. He had to hear this. “I have this little secret…I’m a genie.” Sasha stepped close to Thomas again. He tried not to look down as her hand brushed his bulge. “Anything you want, you can have, but be careful, everything I give you is to the letter and permanent. No take backs.” Thomas laughed, this was unbelievable, she had to be setting him up. Thomas’ eyes rolled in his head as Sasha caressed his throbbing member. She was still on the outside of his jeans, but it felt like her hand was caressing the very flesh of the thing. “St…stop it!” Thomas pushed Sasha back and turned away, he wanted her, but he was not going to cheat on Kate. Anger swept over him as the notion that she might have set him up to test him. “Well? What do you say?” Thomas could feel Sasha’s hand running the length of his back. “You’re a genie? Right, o.k., then sure, I’m game.” Thomas spat out sarcastically. He couldn’t figure out what this part of the game meant, but he thought he would play along to see what the hell was going on. “What do you want?” Sasha’s hand ran down Thomas’ back to his ass, where she firmly planted a swat. “I wish I had a bigger dick…” Thomas mused as he turned to face the “genie”. “How much bigger?” Sasha asked with a serious expression on her face. “Remember, I’m exact…” Sasha smiled as Thomas thought. She could read what was going in his head, and she loved every minute of it. “Eight inches long and an inch and a half in diameter” Thomas crossed his arms as he spoke. “Done,” Sasha moved her hand to Thomas’s crotch, her hand felt like ice even through his jeans. Suddenly, he felt a burning sensation between his legs. It felt like he was getting a hard on, but it was different, he looked down as Sasha started to unbutton his jeans. They were almost getting to tight to bear in the crotch region. Sasha squatted as she pulled Thomas’ pants to his knees. The opening in his boxers moved to the side as his little buddy started to peek out. Sasha wrapped her lips around the head of Thomas’ growing member and rubbed her tongue against it. Thomas’ breath shortened as he watched his penis get larger and larger. It throbbed with power as Sasha sucked on it. She took her mouth off of it and smiled at Thomas. “Is that better?” She said as she teased the tip with her tongue. Thomas reached down and stroked it. He couldn’t believe his eyes. It began to go soft as he stared at it. It didn’t shrink, just went limp. “Now, you have to be careful, and make sure you tuck it down, you don’t want to break it or anything. Thomas stuffed his newly enlarged manhood down the right side of his pants as he pulled them up. He grinned at the large bulge that accompanied his right leg in his pants. Sasha stood up again and grinned. “Anything else?” she said as she licked her index finger. Thomas thought of a million and one things that he wanted to wish for, but when it came right down to it, there was really only one thing he wanted. He eagerly nodded to Sasha and blurted out his next wish, “I wish Kate was more of an animal in bed!” Sasha stared at Thomas for a minute. A small undetectable grin flashed across her face as she laughed on the inside. “Are you sure that’s what you want?” Thomas looked confused, “Yeah, I’m sure, why?” Sasha smiled, “O.k., done.” Sasha traced her wet index finger across her cleavage. “So do you want to take me home to meet this Kate or what?” Sasha stepped closer to Thomas and stroked his new found glory. Thomas closed his eyes and instinctively reached around to Sasha’s ass, pulling her even closer. She leaned her head back as he brought his down. Their faces were so close that a card would have a hard time fitting between. Sasha wrapped her hand around the back of Thomas’ head and pulled him to her. Their mouths opened simultaneously and they kissed each other deeply. Sasha’s eyes turned black as she began the process of receiving payment for her services. Her grip tightened on the back of Thomas’ head and as they kissed, she began to inhale deeply. Thomas didn’t notice. His manhood was thinking for him at the moment. Thomas didn’t even notice as his soul left his body. He didn’t care. He belonged to her and would do her bidding now. “Yeah, I think I do.” Thomas replied to the previous question. Sasha smiled and started for the door. Thomas followed without a word.

Kate was starting to worry, Thomas had been gone for far to long. She knew he had been frustrated lately, but she knew he wouldn’t cheat on her. She sat impatiently watching T.V. She decided that she must be coming down with something because she felt strange, and it had just hit her five minutes ago. She really didn’t understand the way she felt. She wasn’t tired or anything, much the opposite, she was wired. She couldn’t sit still, and other than the nagging pain in her back. She felt better than she ever had before. What worried her though, were the torrid thoughts that ran through her mind, and the pleasurable burning in her dewy oyster. She had to stop herself from masturbating about every half second. She had never been this horny. The thoughts that ran through her head were disturbing. Chains, whips, hooks, needles and women fueled Kate’s desire. She had also notice that she was starting to hear things. She swore she heard her next-door neighbor talking, as if he were right next to her, but there was no one around. As she tried to deal with all of this, she didn’t even notice her hand creeping down her stomach until it was to late. Instinct drove her as she rubbed her swollen clit. Her free hand tore at the t-shirt she was wearing, trying desperately to get to her breasts. She stopped pleasing herself just long enough to strip down and start again. She lay on the couch rubbing every inch of her body. She felt so alive that it was driving her crazy. She couldn’t string a thought together that didn’t involve sticking something deep inside of her. Any hole would do. Through her wanton passion, she heard the front door open. Kate jumped up, ready to attack Thomas for making her wait this long to fuck him. But Thomas didn’t come through the door, instead, a striking woman wearing a black corset and black leather pants strolled into the apartment. “Thomas wasn’t lying, you are lovely.” Kate was shocked. She ran back to the couch and grabbed her clothes. “Don’t do that on my account, I would rather have you naked.” Kate couldn’t figure out how this woman got right behind her so quickly nor how she got undressed either. Kate’s knees almost buckled under the heavy burden of her new passion as the lady pressed herself against Kate’s back. Kate felt her own ass push back into the stranger’s crotch, wanting something that was not there. “Wh..Who…are…you…?” Kate whimpered as the stranger started to rub her breasts. No answer came, the strangers ice cold hands slithered their way to Kate’s soaked vagina. Kate squealed with delight as she felt the cold fingers enter her. She stood straighter so that she could feel the full measure of her assailant’s body. “Have you ever been with a woman before?” the stranger whispered in Kate’s ear. Kate could only shake her head in response; the throes of ecstasy were coursing through her soul. “Listen to me very carefully, your husband has abandoned you, he stands on the other side of the door. He is to blame for your current malady. And soon, it will only get worse. I have his soul for what he has done, but I also need his life. He wants nothing more than to fuck you right now, but I told him to wait for me to summon, if you agree to kill him, you and I can be together forever. Deny me and I will take your soul as well, leave you to your fate, and make you my pet.” The stranger’s voice was cold and stern. Though she was in the middle of orgasm, Kate heard every word clearly and precisely. The stranger’s touch was a drug that Kate was already addicted to and she believed every word spoke. “Yes,” was the only reply she could give, she quickly turned on her beautiful stranger and looked deep into her eyes. Black pools of nothingness stared back at her. She found it quite erotic. “I am Sasha, your servant and master in one. Now let’s take care of your husband shall we?” Kate stood for a second and frowned, “how am I going to kill him? With my bare hands?” she ran her index finger up Sasha’s slit. It was juicy and ripe, and every ounce of Kate’s being wanted to bury her face in it. “With what he will put you through, that is precisely what you will do.” Sasha smiled as she kissed Kate on the lips. She kissed her deeply and long, taking special care not to take her new servants soul. “Thomas, she’s ready for you.” Sasha said as she again started to finger Kate. Kate moaned and leaned against her new love. She wanted no more of Thomas. This woman would be her life and dreams for the rest of her days. Thomas stalked through the door rubbing his crotch. “Go to the bed, strip, and jack off while she walks to you. Thomas followed the instructions to the letter. Kate, surprised and entranced by the large object that now stood erect between her former fiancé’s legs, sauntered over to take a closer look. The closer she got to the bed, the hornier she became. Her blood felt as if it burned as it coursed through her veins. Her nipples were hard enough to cut glass. She leaned on the bedpost a bit and rubbed her clit. It was painfully swollen and begged for release. She looked at the man she used to love. An empty feeling grew within her as she looked him over. She had no idea what Sasha meant by what she said. But a burning anger started to fill the pit left by the dissipating love. She climbed on the bed quickly, the sight her prey’s large endowment had worked her into frenzy. Thomas grabbed Kate and tried to force her under him, but she pinned his arms against the bed. She lowered herself onto the throbbing tower that she knew he didn’t have yesterday, till it filled her completely. The burning in her blood became more intense as she began to ride him hard and slow. Sasha walked behind the bed and wrapped two silken scarves around Thomas’s hands. She then tied him to the bedpost. She smiled as he grimaced in pain. I told you to be careful. I’m always word for word. Sasha looked at Kate as she caressed Thomas’ face. Kate screamed in blissful agony as Thomas ripped deep within her. Her body numbed and she felt strange sensations wash over her. Eyes closed, she began to rub her breasts, and to her surprise they had started to grow. She also noticed that her skin felt rough and scaly. She quickly opened her eyes and saw only heat. Her screams became raspy hisses of pure rage. Thomas looked in horror as Kate’s mouth widened and her lips disappeared. Her hair lengthened and began to brush his legs. Her tongue forked in her mouth and began to flick randomly. Her skin puckered and became serpent scales. Her teeth jutted down from her new jaw and sharpened into long points. A slimy tail thrashed about behind her, growing rapidly. Kate’s mind raced as the transformation took place. Now she understood what Sasha had been talking about. Rage filled her heart as she hissed her displeasure. Her fingers lengthened and her fingernails grew hard and sharp. She felt her spine elongate and jut out of her back. Her tail stopped thrashing and she found that she could control it with her thoughts. Her ankles locked and her feet and toes grew into hind talons. Scales continued to wash over her body, making her skin black and shiny. “This is what you wanted isn’t it Thomas? Wasn’t that your wish?” Sasha mused as she watched his horror grow. “You made a wissssh and thissss issss what you assssked for?” Kate asked in her hiss. Orgasm swept across her body, racking her with pleasure. Not thinking she bit herself, blood poured from the wounds in her mouth and ran down her throat. It was sweet and thick like a chocolate shake, and she found she yearned for more. “I just wanted her to be a little more kinky mistress,” Thomas shrieked as he tried to wriggle free. Kate licked him with her rough forked tongue. “You want kink? I’m now happy to ablige.” Kate moved her tail up underneath her and wedged it between Thomas’ ass cheeks. He cried out as the tip of her tail forced its way into his asshole, pushing hard and probing deep. “Issss that kinky enough for you lover?” Thomas writhed in pain as Kate’s tail forced itself further and further up his anal cavity. “Sasha, please, help me.” Thomas looked at her with horror filled eyes. “I did help you, I gave you everything you wanted. What more could you ask for. You have a bigger penis and your girlfriend is more of animal in bed.” Kate laughed at Sasha’s last comment. She took her index finger and slashed it down Thomas’ sternum. Blood began to slowly ooze from the wound. Kate leaned over and licked the wound with her tongue. It made her crave more. “Now is the time Kate, let it be done.” Sasha came around the side of the bed and caressed Kate’s scale covered body. Kate hissed with delight as her master petted her. She quickly pulled Thomas’ length out from inside her. Her, now rough, hide ripped the skin from the towering mass. Making it bleed with each throb. “How sssshall I do it SSSSasssha? How do you want to ssssee him die?” Sasha reeled at the question. No one had ever asked her that before. No one had ever cared about what she wanted. The only time people cared about what she wanted was after she had taken her payment for their wishes. “Gorge yourself on his blood, TEAR HIM APART! Just keep from killing him until the last utmost possible time, we want him to suffer, don’t we?” Sasha licked Kate’s scaly pointed ear. Kate reached a taloned hand up and caressed the back of Sasha’s head. She hissed in delight as Sasha ran her finger up the serpents ass. “Please…show mercy mistress. Don’t let me die like this!” Thomas tried again to break free, but the scarves held him at bay. “You could have saved yourself, had you only been content. Now she is mine, willingly and you are mine as payment and sacrifice for her service.” Kate slammed her head forward burying her fangs into Thomas’ chest. Thomas screamed as the bite sent shockwaves of pain through his body. Kate pulled back and ripped a hunk of flesh from his left pec. The wound oozed blood that both Sasha and Kate lapped at. Kate’s tongue tore at the sensitive flesh inside the wound, making Thomas jerk and scream. She laughed and thrust her tail further into Thomas’s ass, ripping vital flesh. Ozzing warmth coated the tails tip and ran down onto the bed. Thomas gasped as the newfound pain made him erect again. The wounded skin around his dick stretched and bled as the clotted wounds broke open once again. “I don’t think you’ll be needing this anymore doll.” Sasha blew on Thomas’ penis. It became rubbery and fake looking. “Kate, you had better get your new toy.” Kate reached behind her and rammed her claws around Thomas’ ball sack. Blood spurted from the wound as Kate ripped the Thomas’ manhood from his body. Thomas screamed yet again, his eyes began to roll back in his head. The pain was so excruciating that he almost fainted. “Stay awake!” Sasha snapped as she saw her slave start to drift. His body had no choice but to obey and his eyes darted open. “You don’t get off that easy. Now you get to see how we feel.” With that Kate removed her tail from Thomas’ ass and torpedoed it into the gaping wound where his dick used to be. It pulsated as it stretched the wound wider, burrowing deeper. Thomas tried to scream, but his vocal chords burst under the strain. Raspy air exited his mouth followed by gurgling as he started to choke on his own blood. Kate pressed harder with her tail, ripping through flesh till she entered his abdomen. Thomas began to twitch as shock set in. His body grew cold and his eyes bugged as death crept over him. Kate laughed as she thrust her tail further up his shattered body till he could feel it blocking his airway. The tip protruded from his mouth as he twisted and convulsed, fighting for air. His lungs burst under the pressure of his last inhale. Sasha and Kate watched in glee. Kate buried her face into her former lovers abdomen and fed on his warm entrails. Sasha watched with a lustful gaze as her new mate eagerly fed on her former lover. “I have a gift for you Kate, when you are finished, come to me.” Sasha sauntered over to the couch. She laid down and softly touched herself. All the gore was making her horny. Kate finished feeding on the corpse of her lover and crawled off the bed. When her feet hit the ground, the form she had taken turned to ash and fell to the floor, leaving her in her beautiful form once again. She slowly walked over to her new mistress. The taste of Thomas’ blood coated her mouth. The feel of it made her wet all over again. She stood over the couch and looked at Sasha gently rubbing her swollen breasts. The sight made Kate’s passion trickle down her leg. “What else could you give me? This power was more than enough.” She said as she lay down on top of her new love. Sasha smiled and moved her hand down to Kate’s wetness. Kate moaned as Sasha’s cold fingers caressed her swollen button. “That is more of a gift for me, not from me. You see, I need an instrument to take the payment that is due me from those stupid enough to ask for my services. I can take their souls, but I cannot kill them. Their souls make me immortal, but I cannot utilize them till they die. That, from now on, is where you come in. My gift to you is this…” with her free hand, Sasha caressed the back of Kate’s neck, gently pulling her head down. Kate opened her lips as they met Sasha’s and they kissed. Their tongues danced around each as passion grew thick within their bodies. Nipples hardened as wantonness spewed through their veins. Sasha released Thomas’ soul from her being, forcing it into Kate’s. Kate felt the jolt of energy wash over her and she convulsed in orgasm. A slick rubbery tendril slithered out of Sasha’s fold and slowly undulated into Kate’s. Kate moaned and writhed, as the tendril grew thicker within her. Sasha smiled as she watched her new consort convulse with pleasure. “Whenever you take a man to bed, you will become an animal of some sort. Your instincts will make you devour them after they have pleased you. This is the price for my love. You are loyal only to me. You can have no other.” Kate nodded her acceptance and understanding of Sasha’s decree. Darkness exploded from the tendril as Sasha reached climax. The poison it spewed filled Kate’s body, killing any and all inhibitions. Kate’s skin paled as the throes of orgasm rippled through her body. She collapsed on top of Sasha, exhausted. They laughed through their panting, not wanting to leave the dark comfort of each others embrace. Kate knew that her old life was over. She would never again enjoy a man’s embrace as she once did. She would spend eternity punishing those who were short sighted enough to take Sasha up on her offer of wishes. Sasha would give her the souls she needed to sustain her life, and in return, she would kill for Sasha. They were bound together through eternity, each a slave to the other, and yet, each a master. The perfect Yin and Yang. The deadliest of soulmates.

By Damion LaCreux

Been in the darkness for years. Not really much to tell, I am intrigued by the amount of pain and anguish people put themselves through to make everyone else happy. Just found the site a few months ago, its interesting to say the least.