The Wonders of being Labeled

(Gothic)Well a large topic on the site is ‘labels’. whether they call you ‘goth’ or ‘geek’ they usually mean the same thing. either scary (to them) or just out of the ordinary. I personally find it odd.. that though alot of us claim not to like labels.. we take it badly when we see ‘posers’. Now what im getting at is not that we’re hypocrites, but that we’re dishonest.. on some level i think we like being scary and that they are freaked out by the way we can wear spikes chains and leather confidently. They know us for our label… the Goths. This is why when we see a poser.. making us.. look weak or like a bunch of garden variety nerds.. we make a it known they arent… one of us. Now this is human nature. I myself enjoy being called “scary” and “fucked up” i sometimes go the extra mile to make people in my classes at skool move away. But when i see a what some instantly dismiss as a poser, i read into them a bit before writing them off. Hm… this is just a ton of rambling but i hope it makes sense to you. next time some one says your scary.. smile tilt your head and walk away with out sayin’ a word.. do it for the rest of us… scary people =) be proud of your ‘dark’ side

By CloakedFigure

meh.. think what you want about me.. get to know me first if ya want, i prefer that one..

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