the world

hi i seem to have a problem or actually everybody seems to be a problem…..whats happened to the world it makes me sick to look upon…. with all its “perfect” little inhabitants wich like to call themselves human, humanity has come to an end and they just dont want to realize it…. driving around in their flashy cars or waging war on each other they only bring doom one step closer……

Nothing is forgiven Nothing is forgotten

By lostandforgotten

out of the ashes of the known world the vampires shall rise and all will be lost..... hope creates despair....despair creates darkness....darkness creates hope.....darkness and hope


  1. You know how people say something is “inhuman”? Well, the way I figure it, we have a tendecy to cause so much suffering, anything kind and good is “inhuman” because we don’t often do it, not the other way around. If you get what I mean. But that’s just me on a cynical day. 🙂 I don’t believe that everyday!

  2. Theres still some goodness left in the world. You just have to ignore the bad parts and concentrate on what beauty we still have left. It’s true that people can be cruel, spiteful and harsh – that’s why we stay away from these kind and surround ourselves by the ones we choose to be around. Don’t get bogged down in the world’s crap, life’s too short.


  3. 2 negatives would form positive.

    You can’t find positive in the world, you have to create it from you.

    Nothing is forgiven ~|Everything|~ forgotten

  4. Nothing is perfect, most forget we are only human, in human form trying to do superhuman feats sometimes. The state of the world at present I don’t like, so instead I gather those around me who would like to make it better. There is an end, humanity needs to take the next step up, but there are always those who would like to pull it all back down because they are afraid of what is next…

  5. i love the way people talk about humanity as if they’re not a part of it. they separate themselves from all the miserable, judgemental people- while sitting around in their misery, judging things.

    humanity’s far from the worst it could be. there are alot of people in my accquaintance alone who try their hardest to be the best they could be.
    one of the only things that brings us down is our greed. everybody wanting more money, more bits of earth to walk on, more power or just more attention.
    but that’s a personal battle, not a global one.

    Some guy said “humanity, remarkable for its ability to learn from the mistakes of others, is just as remarkable for its disinclination to do so.”

    Sometimes we gotta look at ourselves instead of the rest of the world.

  6. Blacklight has a valid point.
    In my opinion, society is fucked up.
    But then, I probably could be doing something more productive than sitting at my computer bitching about how society sucks.
    I’ll keep that in mind.
    Thanks blacklight.

  7. silly, there is no good, there is no evil. you try to hard. do what you can with the time you are designated, push your buttons, pullyour levers, do your job, understand nothing, and then just die. don’t concern yourself with wars and negative people and comments on message boards of dark sites (note the hypocrasy) and such. it’s really not so complicated. war is good. keeps the population down. keep the media happy, keeps businessmen happy, keeps economy happy, which is controlled by jews, so that makes the nazis unhappy. what you really have to see here is that when society seems shitty, the nazis have control of the earth and are trying to replace the jews in holywood. duh! who didn’t know this? if you put so much energy into trying and not so much into noting the shittyness of the earth, it may just be in better standing when we die.

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