The Wrath

Look at the beautiful butterfly
Flying high in the sky
Look at the little bunny
Hee, Hee, isn’t he funny?

As I walk on down the road
I see a little hopping toad
Little hopping toad so green
Do you think that I am mean?
Do you pretend to know what I think
Can you see my conscientious link?
I think not!
For you will Rot!
Before my hidden thoughts are seen
What do I mean?
My thoughts are hidden deep…
But are dark enough to make you weep

As I walk on past you, little green hopping toad
Inside, I Explode!
I grab you and I squeeze
I hear your final breath wheeze
I watch your guts slowly dribble out your mouth
Turning, I throw your green corpse south
Then I turn back down the road
Forgetting about you, little toad

Inside, I am content
For on you my anger was spent
Turning, I look around and I see
A whole beautiful world showing itself just to me
The time is not yet here
When I will show everyone fear
My Wrath has not yet taken a fall
Oh, but it shall–On one and on all!

Continuing down the road I walk
With no one but myself to talk
With myself I converse
We talk about the lone, dark hearse
The black car of Death
Carrying one who has but used his last breath
How did he die, we wonder
Was he blown by a gun asunder?
Or was it himself he killed?
Inside…I am Thrilled!
These thoughts of Violence and Death
Quicken my own breath
My Heart beats louder
My blood pumps faster
The time is here!
Now I will show everyone Fear!

As I walk on down the road, I eye the butterfly
No longer flying in the sky…
Now, Crushed under my black boot
From my coat I raise my gun and I shoot!
A single bird falls from the sky
All the others scatter and fly
To the wounded I walk over
It lies wing broken in the clover
Roughly, I kick out
My black boot catches its snout
Its head flips off onto the ground
Its body lies, twitching, in a mound
The blood spurts from its torn veins
Like falling moisture in the morning rains

As I walk on down the road
Remembering, I laugh now at the memory of the toad
I continue to laugh—it all is funny
Like the bloody knife stuck in the bunny!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!
Inside the tune goes: La La La La La!

I get to the end of the road,
Turning, I look back on the whole load:
The dead toad in the brush…
The butterfly crushed near the thrush…
The decapitated bird, I can see…
And the bunny pinned to the tree!
This is my Wrath!
Yet spent it not I hath!

Do you think that I am Psycho?
Yes, you do—you just can’t admit it!
Just wait…on your corpse I will spit
Wait……I know
It is you I will show
I will add you to my list
See what happens when I’m pissed!

But you know what is really a scare?
You will never find me…no matter how you dare!
I am not a hideous monster
You Can’t hide from my Disaster!
No outside difference can you see
For only inside is there a difference in me…

I could be anyone….
Isn’t this getting fun?
I could be the begger on the street
I could be someone your about to meet
I could be a member of your family
Or the preacher on the weekend giving his homily
I could be your CLOSEST friend…

Lately, have you sinned?
Do you have to go to confession?
Have I made my impression?!?
Is your soul doomed to Hell if you were to suddenly Die?
It is okay….here, don’t cry
Let me bring you back to the ground….


By Blessed

Born on August 20, 1983. Went through really religious period, now in a very dark one...been there ever since. Love scaring the shit out of people that expect you to be good. Read my poetry...see what a Valedictorian really has on his mind.