The Young and The Motionless

I’m just a child…
a person that can’t live without fear,
a person that can’t live without pain.
Buried in my thoughts,
I live without a soul.
My mind is empty and dark.
My body lies motionless and bruised on the dirty floor.
My wounds still bleed from last night’s beating.
I stare into nothingness as the darkness holds me tightly in it’s palms… but my eyes are wide open with fear.
I can see right through you… I see the small spot of life left of me drowning the floor tiles.
In your memories you’ll find me,
just waiting to die… wanting to die.
It’s a madness I cannot bare… I must let it out and set it free,
at last it will stop haunting me, luring me into deep temptations.
But it won’t stop… it never does and never will.
Don’t be like me.
Don’t give up without a fight.
Death is near… Death…

By SerenitySerpent

I'm 14 years old and I enjoy gothic stuff (obviously); snow sports, horsebackriding, water sports, and am interested in marine life.