I take a deep breath
That seems so hard to do now

The room seems darker
Like im not alone anymore
Theres someone waiting for me, I can feel them

My minds telling me to go to them
Let them take me, finially
But im scared

Its darker now
The noises are getting louder
I curl up in the corner of my bed again
Im tired, and I wanna sleep now

What will they do to me
How can they hurt me anymore?
…I remember me again
Before they came, before they started looking for me
I don’t know what I did, what happened?

I just started hurting
Like I wasn’t complete, like I wasn’t ok
I wanted so much, then I stopped
I don’t think I want anything anymore?
I don’t know my way around me anymore
Everything you did caught up with me
Its tearing me down… its craving more and more

How do I stop waiting for something
that’s not coming, never wants to come?
How do I rid everything from you, from them
I close my eyes, hoping they will just leave
Want no more

There coming to me now
…im so scared!
I can hear them breathing
Touching me, pulling me, is this it??
Im not strong enough, they know it!
I cant see anything, any light is gone….its there time

They come when no ones around, when no one can see
But I feel them, I hear them
I see them!
Their the image of me…
and everything I lost along the way!

I curl up in the corner of my bed again
They had their way with me
They won in a battle I stopped fighting a long time ago
They left me crying again, sobbing for something
Will I find it before they find me again
Or will I even begin looking?