It’s a lake, actually, but to phrase it that way doesn’t put one in mind of the children’s song. (I’m not the only one thinking of the children’s song, am I? You know the one. “There’s a hole in the bottom of the sea”. Come on, you’ve heard it.)

Anyway, some demented genius put a statue of Jason Voorhees at the bottom of a lake in Minnesota. There’s a chain around his neck, holding him down there, just the way he was left at the end of FRIDAY THE 13TH PART SIX: JASON LIVES, one of my favorites in the series and the one which introduced us all to zombie-Jason. Can you imagine being a swimmer or diver and not knowing it was down there, coming across it unexpectedly? The statue has been submerged in 120 feet of water since 2013, down in an old iron ore pit–So it isn’t a natural lake, but so what? ANY lake can be Crystal Lake! Especially if it has a frikkin’ statue of Jason in it!–in Crosby, Minnesota. I have got to take a road trip to see this thing! ‘Course I can’t swim for shit, so I’d probably better take a few lessons first. Then I’m a’comin’! Jason, don’t go anywhere in the meantime!