They dont know nothing!!!

I’ve always been told not to go to bed to late, not to dye my hair, not to pierce my body, not to make bad grades, do not spike your hair, do not do anything that “i wouldnt do.” and definely do not do drugs.

also that there would be punishments if i do then one night i was at a friends house and they had just bought some weed and he handed me thier bong and i thought everyone has always told me not to do drugs but then i thought most of those people who told me not to do drugs and that they have never done any. then i thought what the hell do they know they never done it so i grabbed that bong an i smoked that shit all night an i loved every minute of it the feeling the taste even the muchies after it then i thought they said i would regret it and as i was sitting there a smile of irony spread all over my face, and oh yeah i have smoked pot ever since…..

By StAinEd PaNTs

believes that no religions are true and likes 2 hang out with friends an smoke blunts and likes 2 meet new people