Things People Do For Love..

Her hands pushed the hair delicately behind her ear as she sat in the office. The clock now read ten minutes until midnight and she had the usual eight o’clock deadline for the article she was doing. After a few tiring hours of typing she finally finished it up and pressed the send button.

“Done,” she said to herself as she closed her laptop, putting all her things in the small carrier bag.

She grabbed her things and stood up as she sighed in relief. Stretching some she turned the lights off as she exited the door. Locking the door she paused to read the sign of her workplace hanging over the door, just as every other New York business office on the strip had theirs.

“New York Times, Local Editoral Office,” she read aloud as she smiled, she loved her job and everything about it.

She walked quietly down the sidewalk, whistling a tune every now and then. A five minute walk from her small office cube in the writing office to her nice large studio aparment. Walking in the door she dropped her things and hung her coat at the peg on the wall right beside the door. Bandit, her small yet very hyper dog, met her at the entrance of the apartment.

“Right.. to the bathroom boy.” Grabbing him under her arm she walked outside, then put him down gently in the small grass alotted for her apartment.

After he finished doing his business she proceeded to scoop him up again and carry him to the door of the apartment. Falling back unto the sofa she heard the answer machine beeping steadily.

“Oh’.. a message,” she said her lips curving to a smile as she hit the play button the answer machine.

*Wednesday- Ten thirty-three pm. Hey Summer it’s me, Adam, just calling to say hey. I was wanting to know if you’d be interested in meeting with me tonight over a meal or drink, something like that. Call me when you get home- no matter what time, I’m waiting.*

She smiled, picking up the phone dialing his number slowly as she placed the phone up to her ear.

“Hello,” to her relief he was still awake, seeing that it was now about midnight.
“Hey Adam.” Her voice excited him, she could tell.
“Ahh’.. Summer. Interested in a midnight snack with me?” His voice relieved some of the stress from the night.
“Of course, I’d love to.” She replied contently as she fumbled with the bottom of her shirt.
“Good.. meet me at the diner on the corner?”
“Yes.. I’ll be there.”
“Great.. see you in a bit.” A slight giggle slipped from her mouth as she heard him hang up the phone.

She hung up the phone herself after listening to the broken line at the other end for a moment. Jumping up she rushed into her room rumaging through her closet from something to wear. Quickly she found it, her favorite white blouse with a pair of fairly new black jeans. Changing she examined herself in the mirror, messed with her hair a bit, then left. Walking towards the diner she began to think to herself as she looked around..
(This Adam is a really good guy.. maybe, just maybe, he likes me. Maybe we will give each other a chance.)
Her thoughts were interupted quickly as a hand slipped over her mouth pulling her into the nearby alley.

“Don’t scream, don’t struggle.” The voice of the stranger pierced the air as her screams stopped and her struggling weakened.

The hand slipped from her mouth, grabbing her arm and spinning her around to face him. The stranger quietly stared at her, all she could see was his eyes.

Mumbling slightly she looked at him.. “What do you want?”

She was suddenly thrown back into the wall behind her, “Don’t talk to me like that! Let’s not forget, I have you.. you don’t have me.”

Wincing as her back hit the brick of the wall she fell to the ground. She peered up at him as he grabbed her arm, pulling her up to her feet again.

“C’mon now,” he demanded pulling her with him as he walked further down into the alley.

In one swift movement Summer snatched away from him, standing there staring at him, not making the slightest move. He stepped towards her, she pulled the small knife from her back pocket holding it steadily towards him.

“Get back!” She screamed, waving the knife around a bit as she looked at him.

He grabbed the knife in her hand, small streams of blood starting to run down the blade and over the handle to her hand. She dropped it suddenly as the blood ran over her hand, taking the advantage he had already grabbed her arm pulling her close to him.

“Hush..” He said quietly his hand still gripped around her arms as he shook her slightly.

She didn’t say anything as she looked at him, her once blue eyes now raged with unspeakable anger. Her mind screaming at her..
(Scream! Scream! Try to get away.. go!)
Shaking her head slightly she forced the thoughts from her mind.. her eyes still fixed on his.

Pulling her slowly behind him the two walked further down the alley, she gave up trying to get away.. she knew it wasn’t going to work. As they approached a door of what looked like to be another studio apartment, it looked very similar to what hers looked like, he began to unlock the door. Once he was done, he pushed her into the door ahead of him pulling the door closed behind him.

“Why are you doing this?” Leaning against the wall she steadily looked at him waiting for his answer.

“I see you living this life, which is greater than mine. I walk by you every morning.. yet we never get pass a ‘hey’ or not much further. I’ve tried everything to be noticed by you, but nothing works. Everytime you just turn your head and do what you were doing. You’ve been killing me on the inside.. and I’m tired of it!”

“Brandon?” She gasped suddenly as she watched the man remove his ski mask which concealed his face.

“Correct Summer..” He approached her, grabbing her arms pressing them back against the wall.

“Brandon.. stop!” She screamed her arms pulling down quickly trying to escape his grip.

She knew it was no use, she couldn’t overpower his strength. He leaned in kissing her cheek softly. Suddenly, she brought her knee into his stomach breaking his grip and knocking him away from her a few feet. Resuming his footing he grabbed her neck pushing her against the wall..

“If I can’t love you.. no one will.” He looked at her squeezing her neck tighter within his hands as she struggled, listening to her gasping for air.

He watched as her life faded from her in his very hands. He whispered softly as he released her neck, watching her lifeless body fall on the floor- limp. “I released you- you revolted. Your love will never be mine nor will it be anybody elses.”

A phone rang at the silent apartment of Miss Summer Rhodes.. then the answer machine.
*Hey Summer, where are you? It’s about three.. so I’m going home. Hope to see you soon.. I hope you are okay, I’m thinking you may have passed out because of your lack of sleep. Sweet dreams.*

By Death Come Quick

I am me.. ..'Cause I'm the only one that understands me.