Things to Come

Once there was a young girl named Lee. She was not very attractive, and not very nice. she olny had three friends in the whole world, none of which she could really count on. There was Marie, who seemed to only be interested in her own happiness, Jean who didnt care about anything but herself, and Matthew who only cared about Marie and Jean. Why they were Lee’s friends, she did not know, but they were the only ones who would even look at her and not laugh (to her face at least). They were the best she could do. One day Matthew found out that Lee was cutting herself, which he seemed to show little consern over as a matter of fact, but told her that doing it was selfish, and not fair to them. So lee tired to stop, tried so very hard. Everytime she thought of it, Matt would tell her that if she died, it would cause pain amoung him and the others, and they wouldnt be able to stand it. She kept this in mind, until one day, she couldnt take it anymore. SHe felt that everything he’d ever said to her was just lies to keep his own conscience clean. She needed to get help, but no one would listen, so she helped herself. That night was rainy and lonelier that usual. Her fam ily had stepped out for the night, and she had everything she needed.
She gathered her razor, sleeping pills, tablet of paper to let them know of her doings. She sat in her room as so many past, writting to her family, and her so called friends. She sealed the letter in an evelope, and set it on her desk. She looked at the sleeping pills, and decided she wanted a pianfull death, didnt want to sleep through one bit of it. She though she such a horrible person that she deserved it. She set them aside and reached for her razor. she looked at it, then pointed it to the biggest vein in her wrist, and she thought to herself, “I’ve failed 13 times….I wont fail again” and with that she stuck the razor as far as it would go, and dragged it across her scared flesh. Only on tear fell from her brown eye, the only reason she cried was for the one she loved…she’d made a promice to never hurt herself again…..and she broke that promice with a steel blade. She’d loved him, but never said a word…now she will never have the chance….
Lee fell back onto her bed, and stared at the ceiling, thinking of all the people that said they loved her…and how much she knew they were lying….and as everything dimmed…she thought of the one person she really loved….and how he never cared for her…..and cried her last tear..and took her last breath…her eyes closed with that final image of her star scatered ceiling, never to be opened gain……