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i tried it once, then i had the urge to drink beautiful blood again and again, now its no longer an urge but it seems as though a need. it feels like when ur hungry you not only want it but u know that if you dont eat the want, need will grow and grow…. i am claiming to be a vampire becasue i am almost all but positive i am not but in all that i kno of vampires it seems to relate alll to close… how it started is simple enough..
I recently moved and i have a new grop of friends, the “goths”. One night we were all ahnging out and the subject of drinking blood arose, and to my extreme surprise all of my friends have drank blood not in small quanities but others blood, friends blood, and the thrill that comes from it.
i said i have never tried and they all but to willingly offered, the thought intrigued me so i accepted of course….
it was so sweet the blood rolled over my tonge and i began to bite the wound to feel more blood pour into my mouth.
i havent been able to stop….. but i dont worry not yet since i have never had the need so strong i needed to result to extremes because i have willing donaters..but the thought often arises what will hape when the need becomes to strong what will i result to?

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