“This Deep Feeling”

Shameless, nameless, tameless
suicidal attempts by my force of torture
abusive to myself and those around us
digging in my mind thoughts of immortality
you’re pushing me over the egde
will it end tragically?hopefully, painful
i cringe with anger and uncontrolling emotion
this dream i will not survive, i will not come back alive
killing the souls of the innocent
rising the spirits of the world below
belief of the unimaginable things that lie across me room
the corners and every detail of this image
my mind will take me to the dark ends of the earth
and far apart from the light, where all is dark
dim, pitch black, unknown, never to be found.

By Vampyre Lestat

This world is so confusing, I can't understand how I am so different from the rest, of course i have my own opinions and speak my mind all the time. People deserve to know the truth about themselves. I am still young and ignorant towards things, I have a fascination of learning about the dark arts like, gothic culture, vampirism, and stuff like that. I'm not a wannabe or anything like that, i'm not going to say I am anything, you can judge what I am because I don't even know what I am. So if u wish judgement on me, be my guest. And I would also like to give a dedicating rememberance to a special friend, NATHALY BAUTISTA (1989-2003) "We will always remember you always" With Love and Care.....Farewell my friend.