This is the first time I’ve actually written anything, please tell me what you think.

I first saw her standings there, on the third floor balcony. Her auborn hair flowing with the relentless breeze, and dim lights illuminated her small figure from behind, inside the apartment. Her face was tilted towards the sky, eyes dark with sorrow. It was nights like those I couldn’t help but wish I weren’t me. All I could do was stand there, in the shadows, staring at her, attracted by the pain she felt, the longing to belong somewhere, but not knowing where.
Somehow it was different this time, though. I didn’t want to hurt her like all the others, she was so beautiful standing there, her skin so pale, lips so full. I watched her for what seemed like a long time before forcing myself to leave, for she was now gazing around the streets, eyes darting to every shadow, as if searching for something – or someone – when I left
That morning, which was actually this morning, I had only a short while to find a place to sleep for the day, having watched her for so long. I headed towards the old cemetary, after realizing I wouldnt make it back to my usual place by sunup, and ended up in an old krypt that had long been forgotten;that girl still in my thoughts. Today was the first day I dreamed in more than a centuary and she haunted them. As I reacall, I was back in the shadows by her apartment, only this time she was standing infront of me. Her eyes were now completely black, her face even paler than before, and she seemed different, as if her mind had found what it was looking for, as if she were no longer human. She seemed to be silently calling out to me. “Let me walk with you. I finally ofund you, don’t turn me away,” I kept hearing. Her mind calling and calling, begging me to take her with me. That was the last I remeber before I woke up, and even then, I felt weak as if I were sitll in the dream.
Well, I guess I should now expose myself as well, wouldn’t you say? Well, first off, I’m William, and as you’ve probably figured out already, I’m not quite like your kind. You see, I have this thing – sometimes it’s a gift, other times it’s a curse – all my life, and what a long life it’s been – six hundred years to be exact – and not to be ended. Some would refer to me as a monster, otheres would call me more along the lines of a vampire. I, myself have spent the last four centuaries alone. I haven’t even had the slightest interest in a partner, but there is certainly something about this girl that I can’t exactly put my finger on. She’s not like other people, that’s for sure, I just don’t know what it is about her. Her mind is certainly stonger than any I’ve ever encountered.