This one nigth on the beach

This one night I went out with some friends there was 5 guys and 5 girls Ali one of the guys and also one of my best friends and me and my now Ex. boyfriend. Back then we go and get fuck up do drugs and drunk like mad we party hard and long. At times we slip up and each guy and his girlfriend would go there own way and “have fun” and then we all would meet back in 1 to 2 hours. So I went with my boyfriend Nick to the other side of the beach walk it was nice walking over the beach at night with the stars over us and the water hitting are feet’s right? No he was very fucked up that night I could smell the beer from him in the air and the weed everywhere. That night I did some speed nothing much. We were hugging and kissing and that’s when things started going bad we sat down in the sand because I got sick of walking. Nick and me have had sex before tonight but nothing like this night. He was so fucking drunk and I was feeling sick. He would not stop kissing me and toughing my leg and from there things just got out of hand. He stared biting my neck where I like it and taking off my shorts and shirt and then he took off his shirt and pants. I keep on thinking in the back of my mind run run run. But me run I never did he came back to me and took off my thong and bra so that I lay there but naked in the sand. He went to kiss me and get on top of me and I said stop and get the fuck off of me but he did not listen it if like he could hear nothing but the water hitting the sand I will never forget. As he said don’t worry it will be over soon. I said no stop as he pushed his penis deep in me. I screen as loud as I could but not one could hear my cries for help. Holding my hands together over my head so I could not stop him as he had his way with me. I keep waiting for the moment when he cum inside me so it could all end it seen like forever until it happed. I got dress as Nick throwing up and pass out. I ran as fast as I could and found Ali and he took me home that night. I will never forget that night when it was a full moon and the night I lost my baby and how hard the try to take the skin off my body to get the feel of dirty off me how long I cry the feel of pain in my heart. I loved you Nick now I hate you because of you my life is fuck up and will never be the same.

By GothicChick69