This time

Cut from wrist to elbow
This time it’s not for show
This time I wont parade my scars
They wont put me behind bars
This time will not be the same
This time I wont play that game
This times different
This time I don’t want attention
This time I wont come back
This time will be my last
I refuse to go on
This time I’m gone
There is no turning around
As my body hits the ground
My arms are draped in the crimson flow
For now it is my turn to go
I have to kiss it all goodbye
As I lay down and die
Laying in the puddle of myself
The puddle I made with help from no one else
The blood covers my arms and face
and flows with such style and grace
and lays lifelessly on the floor
that covers the walls and doors
I continue to make cuts upon my thighs
to make it quicker for me to die
I don’t want to change my mind
Not now, not this time
So i close my eyes and hold them tight
and mumble my last goodnight

By Tool2539

i'm rather boring, i listen to music, i think to much, i think so much about some thinks that don' really need to be thought about that sometimes it becomes scary, i like to make friends, i like when people are nice to me, i'm not very social, nor very nice, i speak my mind, i like to prove my point and i'm willing to fight about it, i like to sit in the rain, or the dark, i like to read, i write down everything... thats about it i guess