This tired life

I sit and breathe
I know not why
I feel
Barely feel
All sensation
So grey
So one dimensional
Why am i?
What am i?
I feel so lost
So distorted
Twisted beyond reason
Reasonably contorted
A product of a system
A reject
My heart beats
Slowly fading
All i want
I cannot have
All i need
Has been stripped from me
I feel flayed
I wish my skin was in tatters
At least i could feel something then
Other than this void
This emptiness
I am the hollow being
A vessel of nothingness
Nothing but pain
Tired pain
So tired i’m used to the hurt
Do i even have a soul now?
Stripped down to the bone
Soul shattered
Just as the pieces are put back
The sledgehammer
The impact
Corrupts me once more
Destroys all i’ve built
All i’ve wanted is love
All i’ve received is pain
Now i’m so numb
So spent
So tired
Tired of living
I want to sleep
But i can’t
I know if i fall asleep
If i dare to dream
I may never wake up again

By Womb Plague

I am me, i make no excuses for who or what i am, i've done what i've done and though sometimes i've felt ashamed of myself i regret nothing! I always follow my instincts and they're usually only fear is dying before i can do enough damage to this world, this society.........My arms are scarred from the pennance i have placed on myself...i shed my blood to prevent me shedding other peoples....i feel so dark and empty inside........all i want is to be loved the way i always love, i fall hard and bleed long............