Those five seconds

I walk through the same hall… everyday, I see the same people walk past me with their eyes intentionally pointed away from me… everyday, and I hear the same gossip being past along by the same mindless, incoherent, disgusting people… everyday. This day was different, incredibly different. When I took my same everyday walk… I saw him.

That “him”… he is everything… but nothing since I don’t know him, and probably never talk to him since he is…. heaven. I stopped dead in mid-foot-step to gaze at this wonder that my eye had been following. His black shimmering hair danced in his face, accentuating his already gorgeous features. His shirt amazingly labeled “Jack Off Jill”… my favorite band. He turned slightly, probably feeling the pressing of my stair on his back, our eyes met for five seconds. It was amazing, it was everything. It was a feeling I wanted to keep forever, in a box. I wanted to laugh, and cry, and puke all at the same time. It was incredibly, for those forever five seconds we faded into each other, and when they were over we were two separate people again. When it was over, it made me sick, knowing that I would have to wait another 23 hours 59min and 55 sec to feel this way again…. but it’s a feeling worth waiting for… those five seconds make my life.

By foreverforgotten

i'm living in "my personal hell" california... the sunny state that never shines...... I have no insiteful things to say other then people suck and anyone who feels otherwise can go and suck with them....


  1. i understand what thats . like its the only reason to even go to school.


  2. wow…that was great with the whole count down time thing


  3. Talk to him, talk to him, talk to him!!!!!!… (And then let us know what happened 😉 I feel a bit like that about someone at the moment too, the first time I saw him it was like my soul recognised him or something. I swear I knew him right away. And I do talk to him now, and we’re so alike, it’s great! Talk to him or you’ll regret it forever, even if you just casually comment on the band you both like. Whatever! Good luck 😉

  4. Yeh, yeh talk 2 him :o)
    It’s times like that u couldn’t give a shit if people are talking about you, and starring at you… : ) Aww

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