Those Lingering thoughts

There it lingers,
the taste on my lips.
Like the smell of rain,
it never leaves, even after hours.

I taste the tobacco,
from the cigarette that you just smoked.
I smell the weed on you,
that you just bought.

There it lingers,
the feel of your finger tips.
Like blood from a cut,
it’s hard to get off, even when you wash it.
I feel the coldness,
from the ice you just ate.
I hear the whispers,
the ones you just said.

There it lingers,
the memory of you.
Like the past,
you try to forget it, but it does not leave.
I remember how it felt,
like a virgin just being touched.
I long for that moment,
like alcohol to a drunk.

There it lingers,
my love for you.
Like how you said “I love you too”
but it did not stay.
Did you have to leave me this way?
With a broken heart,
and knife in my hand.
Ready to strike at any defenseless man.

There you linger,
over my grave.
Wishing that you could have been there,
wishing that you could’ve stoppped me.
Please don’t cry,
be brave.

I love you,
and I will always be here.
I hope that you can feel me,
ever so near.
“I love you!”
With these words,
say them back and let them be TRUE!

There it lingers,
the taste on my lips,
the blood of my udying love for you………..

By biteme_ibiteback

i am wiccan, if you do not aprove, tough shit i did not ask for your opinion.i love to explore things and people.