Thoughts After Being Left

How could you do this to me? You’ve left me behind…all alone. I wait, expecting the knock that I know will never come. Sometimes, I remember something I need to tell you. But as I dial your number, I remember that you’ll never answer. People listen to me but none of them understand what I lost when I was left. They don’t realize how terribly important it was that I not become lost to you. All they know of you is another few lines in the paper. None of know the importance of meatloaf, chicken soup, or spagattie. Only we understand just what it is about bumblebees, cherries, and charcoal wonders. Don’t worry though, because I will remember. I will remember everything. I know that you never wanted to leave me. And if it could have been different, it would have. Soon we won’t worry about leaving anyone behind. Until then my friends: Ride hard, drive fast, love forever, and even if you don’t want the world to see you, I still know who you are. I love you both…even though you left me behind.

Jackal and Xander
Forever you will reside in our hearts.