Thoughts of a Soldier

The heat and the sandstorms are the worst. I can deal with the idiots, and the transparency of their thoughts. Death is only a moment away, but it has somehow passed me by. I’ve looked into dead eyes, and heard the screams of friends and foes alike. Covered in blood, head to toe, I stood in the shadows, waiting to feel the stinging bite I knew was inevitable….but it never came. Lucky I suppose.
I think of home and those I love, and those I’ve never met. One of these days, I will go home and try to pick up the pieces I left scattered. My dreams do not haunt me now, and I think they never will, but the heat and the sandstorms are the worst.

By Antares

I survived a year of Iraq with my sanity...barely. I've lost everything that was dear to me when I came sure does throw you one HELLUVA curveball!!!