Through a Child’s Eyes

A child sees things in such a different light, especially if those childhood memories linger into adulthood. The dreams still continue, and now I am finding out my companion is…. just an extention of me in another body really. But does a child know this? Most definately not.

It all started around the age of 7 or 8, hard to really say cuz that was like 20 years ago. Waking up one morning with marks on my arm, the off handed comment by my mother. The feeling like I’m being watched every night, kept safe physically and in that dream state. Especially in that dream state…. the taunting and hunting of me by others. So many out to kill me, they try and try to no avail. For in my dreams I cannot die. Am I such a monster? But why would a three year old think that…. yes the dreams of my death and people trying to kill me have plagued me since the age of 3. The vampire didn’t show up until later. Fastforward 20 years to the present. This dream companion is a real living, breathing human being who is like older than me. Lives elsewhere…. etc etc. But this person, he’s just an extention of myself in another body. I say vampire in nature due to the feelings as a child I got when this person would watch over me at night. The dreams where he would feed from me after saving me from yet another death….. I would in turn feed from him. Past lives surfacing? Astral travel that seems like a dream? Or just the dreams of a demented person who is trying to find herself. Who really knows for sure, what we are. The cravings, the need, the desire. Real or imagined? No one really knows, for no one has really been there. I still see all this through a child’s eyes, even though I am an adult. To know so much more, but to be frowned upon or ignored…… is it really worth it all?

By NightWild

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