Through the hollow

I could always hold this dagger close to my heart
I could always take all night and suffer your hollow
Put me up and I could veil your love instead of tearing it apart
Something telling me that this darkness is a truth to follow

This patience I held no key to would eat me alive
As you roamed your world in the far fetch distanced
If everything’s alright then I might as well be miserable with this knife
Slipping in my emotion sickness, please make an appearance
So that In you I can feed the creature I held dear
So that in you I can rest and contemplate the opening gates
The wings they clipped were none other but mine and in a sheer
Passing night you could always replenish the clippers of hate
Come my love, come with me into the depths of my realm
Where darkness and our bodies are but one
On which we can , not scavenge, but feast upon the stem
Hollow yet not shallow, you are the only one
To gaze upon my insides to gaze upon my madness
Through the hollow and back, I am yours for the taking
Again the templates of another ravenous deal must break the dullness
Right here and now, there is no need to be suffering
I was nothing more but words to them
And you saw past that
be warned there is much to take in consideration through this emblem
Of free spirits, through the never, through what is what and that is that
Yet engage the methods of blood thirsting entities, kill the hours
Behind my drape of sincerity I bare no colours
Accept and appreciate the hunger that assures
The wolves had eaten my heart, now let me eat yours…

By die Krähe

I am darkness incarnated.I am but a Crow, flying above desolated lands, in search of what only exists in the realm of the forsaken...Ich bin Aine die Hexe, A solitaire Witch...