Thy Night’s Light

Thy was a butterfly,
a whisper in the breeze.
A fairy who shined bright,
and never failed to please.

Thy was that one,
walking you through a door.
A door to God’s son,
who held love and gifts galore.

Thy was there helping you,
throught your umbearable dread.
Thy never left you,
no own tears did thy shed.

And when thy angle,
became thy Night,
Thee did not wake me!
Or feels thy’s fright!

Thus now I ask thee,
please stir Night’s stars.
Chase away the banshee,
that caused all thy scars!

Thy must know,
from that ray of light,
Does thy angelic face still be owned?
Or am thy always to be Night?


By flamingwings

if u get to talking with me you'll find out whatever