Time kills us all

I feel death breathing down my neck everyday I seem to be wasting away…
I sit in anger, because of this. I don’t wan’t death to come an knocking quite so soon.
Is this all there is? Is life just someones fucking sick joke? Why do we live or die by a clock?
I regret evey second I waste and at the same time crave every minute of it….
To live and extra day is that a crime? Who has the right to say when it’s time?
I know nothing of the sort… Time kills us all.
Should it be locked in chains? Could we really live then?
I can’t say I don’t know but, then if I did I wouldn’t tell any way.
I fear what many do, to waste all this time I have on nothing but I’m falling into nothing just as slowly.

By lookinlisteninwaitin

I don't care. I wish to fall to the ground when I frown and when I get down. I'm 18 is this a dream? To live or die continue I'll try.


  1. i wanted to die in a very early age…coz i felt like there was nothing to live for..but now life’s course has changed for me..i have found what i have wanted and yet im not safe..safe from death that this world or life gives us..with no clue..with no warning…dying right now would be like playing a joke on me..or a crime done to the deepest of my being..but who could tell,right?
    god has the biggest sense of humor..and it aint funny at all….

  2. We all have to go sometime. Nobody lives forever. If we were immortal, life would be cheap, and eventually, dull. You should thank that clock. The clock is what gives you passion.

  3. for one, i agree with grandpoobah’s comment here. if you had no time limit on your life, you could always procrastinate and spend eternity doing absolutely nothing. besides we are all dying our entire lives, it could be over any minute, and worrying about wasting time just wastes more of it (trust me. i have done alot of that). time is just a measurement for movement: one revolution of this planet is called a day, its orbit is a year, etc. alot of us have probably wished for more time, but is a long life worth living if you are so worried about dying that you can’t enjoy it? everything dies, live while you can.

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