To Alex

you walk alone
and it makes me feel so bad
those that know nothing but to roam
wishing for the things we never had.

the anger by itself
is enough to fill a million shelves
but some things i keep to myself
to carry to all my personal hells

this is the one thing i have
the ability to feel
while i look at all i could have saved
but now that’s fear nipping at my heels

i was sorry all along
for the things we did together
now at last we both belong
but will this last forever?

while you lie six feet under my tears
i cannot help but think about the past
the times you cradled my fears
and told me the pain wouldn’t last

now i’m missing you
and you’d be glad
to know the things that we do
would never turn out this bad

“but that’s the way life is,
you can’t help it.
whatever you do,
don’t try and fuck with it.”

so i hope you hear
the things we say at your grave
maybe your death brought us near
but now at least you aren’t a slave

goodbye, one final farewell
to the only one
who could reach me in my hell
for while you’re gone, there’s still fun

i will think of you
like i think of the sun
the center of all that i do
and the end when my life is done

By KillTheRich

Thanks a lot, Brody, you bitch. Alex- I'm trying to quit the dope... Some say I own a nice guitar, but actually, it's the guitar the owns me. I consider myself a good poet, so e-mail me if you like my work. I love to hear what other people think. But don't e-mail me if you only want to talk about the goddamn Distillers. They have done less than nothing for me, so don't bring it up. "Life, I did not want to leave you in vain, but with the options I have been left, it seems to be the only way..."-Alex