To Fall an Angel

To Fall an Angel

She held out her hand as if to touch his face, the glow of his skin warming her fingers. Her palm rested on his cheek and his eyes flickered and shut.

He did not breathe while she trailed her nails over the fullness of his soft upper lip. As she pushed one creamy white finger into his mouth she felt the flow of hot air as it escaped his lungs. She hadn’t known he had any. Continuing, she wet one fingertip and trailed it down his throat. His body lay physically still while his breathing rasped and he tasted the salt of his innocent tears, as he felt overwhelmed by his own emotion.
She looked up only once, afraid of his weeping. Then, comforted by his pleading eyes, Emma moved her lips to his hairless chest. She blew air onto his nipples and watched them stiffen instantly, responding to the intimacy. He was naked as he had always been and Emma felt humbled at such a perfect sight. Even more so in knowing that she is the only person ever to have seen him.
Emma stood up off of the bed and went over to the window to draw back the curtains. She wanted him to see her in the moonlight. She let the thin fabric covering her high breasts fall to the floor in one movement, not covering herself with her arms but revelling at the image of herself in his eyes. She began to move towards him on the bed, feeling her sensuality heighten with every step and her love for this creature intensify. She wanted just to lie beside him on the cold sheets and fall asleep in his wings but, as she moved in beside him his strong arms wrapped around her and she changed her mind and giggled aloud.
‘ I love you’ she told him
‘Change me’, he spoke for the first time and she too found herself overcome with emotion and felt the tears drop heavily from her long black lashes. Hastening to wipe them away she reached for a tissue from the drawer at the bedside, hurrying to touch her purity her angel kissed them away with his lips, soaking the moisture into his mouth and drinking in her vulnerability. ‘ I will’ she told him, and pulled him closer, pushing her mouth onto his and feeling him respond in the way that told her angel are men too.

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