To Reach for the Stars

The room was still in the night, shrouded in darkness- only a semblance of its day time brightness. She walked slowly through the room, shadows visible trough the corners of her eyes, cloaking everything in a veil of darknes.

She stopped staring, the only thing truly visible to here mind the slight radiance from the slidding glass doors. She drew them back. Walking out onto the terrace, the cold of the cement pressing against the soles of her feet. The myriad stars shinning against the darkness of the night. She leaned against the railing, the silk of her robe fluttering in the wind. So easy to leave and meet the stars. Her left hand grasped the rail as she leaned out into the night, right hand reaching imploring. Don’t leave me cold and alone. She reached once more far into the night left hand slipping from rail as she tumbled into the sky.
The rushing winds. The flutter of silk. The stars. And silence.
I feel that the only time I ever truly saw myself for what I was, was at the moment of my death.